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Humans behaving badly and the existence of God

The following “Closer To Truth” video clip is a typical example of atheists conflating human behavior with the question of the existence of God. The interview is between host, Robert Kuhn and Michael Ruse. Kuhn is an agnostic, Ruse is … Continue reading

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Some intellectual honesty on Western values

I’ve been looking at how Christianity influenced our modern idea of morality and social justice in the West. It’s been clear from the comments here that the rank and file Christian despisers who come here aren’t willing to admit its … Continue reading

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The myth of secular progress

I’m always amused whenever I hear the popular sentiment, “We’re better off now without religion” boasted by atheists/humanists as they point to prosperous and largely secular European countries today. The following conversation illustrates  beautifully why I think this boast is … Continue reading

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Dogmatism and the human delete key

I’ve noticed (or confirmed) something very interesting in my recent dialogue with atheists and skeptics about classical theology and philosophy. Like the dogmatic religious Fundamentalist, the atheist or skeptics also have their dogmatism and Fundamentalism. But what this actually reveals is … Continue reading

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Faith matters

Some skeptics say they can’t believe in God because He can’t be proven. They ask why, if God exists, He makes Himself so mysterious and hard to find? Others say there’s no physical evidence for this immaterial God. Of course, … Continue reading

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Evidence and other atheist fallacies

In my brief journey into the unguided and purposeless world of atheists, the most common question I get is, “Where’s your evidence for God?” Or, more blatantly, “There is no evidence for God,” as if they are even addressing the … Continue reading

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A question about “evidence”

I have a question for my detractors. We theists are constantly chided by atheists and skeptics for our “blind faith,” whereas they claim they base their views on solid scientific evidence. It’s also popularly thought that progress in science will … Continue reading

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