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Natural theology and atheistic confusion

This post is a continuation of my series that I will simply refer to as: “Having fun with atheists and skeptics.” The purpose for doing these posts is to expose “strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.” And … Continue reading

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Apologetics and deconverting from atheism

Recently, I’ve found myself plunged into the unfamiliar world of apologetics and interaction with atheists. While I do understand the arguments, it’s just never been that important to me. It started with my blogging friend from across the pond, Paul … Continue reading

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God said what?! – Part One

We took our first brief excursion into the hidden underbelly of Scripture last time. Now, it’s time to go deeper down this murky path. This is going to be a longer, much more arduous trip, so make sure you bring plenty of water and good batteries for your flashlight!

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What atheists wish Christians knew about them

This is a supplement to my last post about the movie, God’s Not Dead 2‘s impact on the world we live in. If you haven’t read that, it would be helpful to read that first for context here. This is a short video … Continue reading

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Why movies like “God’s Not Dead 2” won’t reach the world

First, my disclaimer. This is not a review of the movie, God’s Not Dead 2. While I’ve seen God’s Not Dead, I haven’t seen the sequel (both movies by Pure Flix Entertainment.) Having said that, here’s my take on movies like GND2 in one sentence. I don’t think we … Continue reading

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