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You delight in showing mercy | Amanda Cook

This video is a live rendition of a song “Mercy” by Amanda Cook from her “Brave New World” album. We’ve been singing this song at our church. I especially like this verse… Oh love, great love Fear cannot be found in You And there will … Continue reading

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Sonshift study starts on Monday, February 20

As I mentioned last month, I want to include you in the creation of a study curriculum for my book, Sonshift: Everything Changes in the Father’s Embrace. I will be posting my first questions from chapter one titled, “What is Sonshift?” next Monday, February 20th.

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By the way, God is not a man…

A movie based on William Paul Young’s best-selling book, The Shack, is finally coming out this March 3rd! I am very excited to see this for many reasons. This post is inspired by Cindy Powell’s post, “Hollywood, please get this one right.” I join … Continue reading

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Leaving religion to follow Christ – Part four

When Jesus told the people of Galilee to “repent” (change your mindset) for the kingdom of God is here (Mark 1:15), He was talking to people who already obeyed the Law, so He wasn’t telling them to start behaving themselves. He was … Continue reading

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Help me to love with open arms like You do

There are some songs that are more than just songs; they’re heart-prayers. Every time we sing them, we’re praying from the depths of our soul. One such song for me is “For the One” from Brian & Jenn Johnson’s latest album, “After All These … Continue reading

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Incarnation is about restoration

If we were to properly celebrate Christ’s saving work, we would start on Christmas day and end on Easter! For our salvation is not confined to Calvary, but begins with a birth in Bethlehem.

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A cat-astrophic Christmas tale

This is a Christmas story about our cat named Rory. I’ve talked about him before, but now there’s more. We feared what trouble he might be, as we were decorating our Christmas tree. Nonetheless, we went ahead and hoped for the best, thinking that Rory might … Continue reading

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