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Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US and to whoever observes this holiday elsewhere and at other times. May you have a blessed time whatever your plans may be. I love this short video clip on thankfulness. Having an attitude … Continue reading

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The sticky thing about what we believe

When it comes down to it, it seems to me that people will either believe or not believe, accept or refuse to accept, the existence of God, not because of the scientific evidence or lack thereof, but because that’s what … Continue reading

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The foundation of my life

Last February, I posted this song, “I Will Build My Life” by Housefires. You can read about what I said here. As it was then, my life is not built on making the best argument for God, or having to … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Randomness in Evolution

In my last post we had a lengthy discussion about whether evolution shows that the biological process is totally random, accidental, and unguided. I thought these two video clips would help clear up some confusion over the subject for us … Continue reading

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Is Evolution compatible with the Bible?

I’ve been looking at whether science and faith are compatible in a series of posts. This post is a continuation from “The Skinny on the “Creation/Evolution Debate.” In particular here the question is, can someone be an Evangelical Bible-believing Christian … Continue reading

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Arise and shine, our light has come!

I want to show a worship video that prophetically speaks to us as the people of God. He is waking hearts to life. We’ve been awakened by His furious love. No more religious orphans not knowing who we are, hoping … Continue reading

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The Skinny on the Creation/Evolution Debate

I must admit that one of the reasons I felt compelled to start a “Christian Apologetics” category on my blog was because I find the condescending and combative browbeating by anti-theists toward people of faith annoying and pretentious. Those of … Continue reading

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