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Testimony from a former astrophysicist

This post is a continuation of my informal apologetic look at theism in general and Christianity in particular. I haven’t gotten into revealed theology yet. So far, I’ve been accused by a few atheists of being dishonest, disingenuous, deceptive, hypocritical, … Continue reading

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Why does God hide?

From time to time I get asked, why is God so mysterious? Why can’t He just come out with it? Why does He hide from us? Well, God doesn’t hide from us, He hides for us. Why is this so? … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Subversive Kingdom – Part Thirteen

God is, first and foremost, about relationship. There has never been a time when God was alone, nor has He ever done anything alone. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was … Continue reading

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Does evil come from God?

In a word, no. If you need an explanation, read on. This subject came up in a discussion at Insanitybyte’s blog with her post, “Mirrors and Conundrums,” which included fellow believers and an atheist.  This is a vast subject which I will only be able to briefly … Continue reading

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Deconstructing deconstruction

As we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this October, it’s appropriate to talk about the present reformation we’re in. Luther’s reformation represented a major deconstruction of the Church’s soteriology. The current reformation is challenging many traditionally held beliefs about the atonement, grace, … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Subversive Kingdom – Part One

The moment Jesus “opened His mouth” (Matt.5:2) the Beast was exposed. When Jesus taught the people, the “god of this world” was “weighed in the balances and found wanting.”  When Jesus entered the human stage, nothing would remain as it was before. … Continue reading

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Why didn’t Jesus get it?

Here’s an irony of all ironies. Jesus was killed by the people who were waiting for Him to come and save. They killed Him because He didn’t look or act like the Messiah of their theology. And since He didn’t … Continue reading

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