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The sticky thing about what we believe

When it comes down to it, it seems to me that people will either believe or not believe, accept or refuse to accept, the existence of God, not because of the scientific evidence or lack thereof, but because that’s what … Continue reading

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Believing is a heart issue

If there’s anything my recent foray into Christian apologetics has confirmed it’s that no amount of “facts” will ever persuade or dissuade someone from believing or disbelieving in God. It’s a heart issue. Every good salesman knows that people make … Continue reading

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Science and Faith?

I recently read a post at Nan’s Notebook titled, “Science…Faith—What’s The Answer?” The intent was to elicit open discussion on the merits of faith and science as related to human existence. I found the comments quite interesting. Nan is a deconvert … Continue reading

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Christ is the one thing

Of all Christian doctrines, there very few that I’m absolutely dogmatic about. My scale of what’s important goes from “willing to die for” to “interesting.” For instance, the historicity of all the Old Testament stories are somewhere in the middle, … Continue reading

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The Trinitarian God – Part Two

It’s thought by some that the idea of a Trinitarian God is a Christian invention not found in Jewish thought. Nothing could be further from the truth, which we will look at here. In part one we looked at what … Continue reading

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How Francis Collins came to Christ

I never grow tired of hearing testimonies about how a person came to faith in Christ. Especially, when it’s a scientist with the stature of Dr. Francis Collins. For those of you who have not heard of Francis Collins, he … Continue reading

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You will be dearly missed, Susan Irene Fox

As I sit here trying to process the unexpected loss of a dear blogging friend (you can read about it on Lilka’s blog here), I think about how Susan’s presence in the blogosphere truly shined a bright light on what … Continue reading

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