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What are you waiting for?

Waiting is not a high value in our busy, fast-paced Western culture. It’s usually considered a waste of time. Ironically, the more fast-paced our environment, the more we wait (I waited a LOT when I lived in Chicago!) We don’t like empty spaces in our life. At least now we … Continue reading

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Leaving religion to follow Christ – Part three

Who told Cain and Abel to offer a sacrifice? And why did God regard Abel’s sacrifice and not Cain’s? Was it the nature of the sacrifice, or was it about the nature of offerer’s heart? And what does this have to do … Continue reading

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Abandoning our addiction to certainty

What if we abandoned our addiction to certainty for surrender and trust? For if we’re ever going to walk off our maps, we must let go of our need to have everything figured out. We’ll never go beyond what we … Continue reading

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Repenting from fear of change

We’ve looked at how the Greek word, metanoeō, was poorly translated into English in our Bibles as “repent” before.  Metanoeo is not re-penance! It means to change your mind. Re-form your thinking about something. The problem is, we don’t like change. Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes Turn and face … Continue reading

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You make all things new

If it’s broken, You can fix it And if it’s been torn down, You can rebuild it There’s nothing that’s lost now, Your love can find it You make all things new! Happy New Year and many blessing to you and yours in … Continue reading

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Immanuel, mystery, and the trajectory of glory

One thing we cannot afford to do is read the Bible as if Jesus never happened. This is especially true with the Old Testament. When we read the Bible indiscriminately, not interpreting it through the lens of Jesus Christ, we end up … Continue reading

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The heart comes before the head

While it’s popular to say we need to get truth from our head to our heart, it’s pretty easy to prove that the opposite is actually true. I contend that so much of what we struggle with in our faith is because … Continue reading

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