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Some intellectual honesty on Western values

I’ve been looking at how Christianity influenced our modern idea of morality and social justice in the West. It’s been clear from the comments here that the rank and file Christian despisers who come here aren’t willing to admit its … Continue reading

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How Christianity shaped Western values

Last time I talked about the myth of secular progress and how secularists must borrow their morals and ethics from religious sources. The following clip is a video conversation between agnostic historian Tom Holland and Bible scholar N.T. Wright that further … Continue reading

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Leaving religion to follow Christ – Part five

Jesus came to bring an end to religion, calling us away from our transactional relationship with God that keeps Him at a distance, and freely offer Him our hearts instead. This is all God ever wanted from the beginning, and Jesus came to make it possible. This … Continue reading

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The true fast

As we continue our 40-day fast from fear for love, here’s a brief look at why we fast. Even under the Old Covenant, God was trying to tell us that fasting was not to afflict our souls or get brownie points with … Continue reading

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