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Toilet paper…or love?

Frankly, I’m baffled by all the toilet paper hoarding still going on. But it does reveal something very basic about human nature. We are fundamentally ruled by one of two emotions—fear or love. And we see the former most profoundly … Continue reading

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But have we learned how to love?

Imagine my disappointment when I found that only 28% of my blog posts fall in the category titled “love.” If I were being biblical, it would be 100%. This is why I always smile when people tell me I talk … Continue reading

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The Power of His Love

We, as human beings, thrive in an environment of love and positive connection. The absence of it can lead to all kinds of emotional, relational, and even physical damage. Psychologists tell us from the time we’re born we look to … Continue reading

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My life message

I was at a leader’s conference this week and the speaker, Bill Vanderbush, asked us if we had and could describe our life message. Our life message is what fills us with passion. We can share it without needing any … Continue reading

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He is Good and You are Loved

“I am good and you are loved.” That statement pretty much sums up everything you need to know about God and what He thinks of you. One of our worship leaders recently made me aware of this Travis Greene song, … Continue reading

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The Secret Formula is Love

Preachers are always giving us formulas for living a better Christian life. After 40-plus years with God, I’m happy to report that there’s really only one secret formula you need to know…except it’s no secret. It’s found in learning how … Continue reading

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“You are gods”

The exchange between Jesus and the Jewish leaders in John 10:22-37 has always been an interesting one to me, although on the surface, it seems rather cryptic. The leaders accused Jesus of claiming to be God and He answers them … Continue reading

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