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Which music will you dance to?

I’ve spent a lot of time explaining and arguing worldviews over the last two years. Frankly, the whole thing is getting pretty boring to me, so I will cut to the chase. It really comes down to this question: “Which … Continue reading

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The myth of secular progress

I’m always amused whenever I hear the popular sentiment, “We’re better off now without religion” boasted by atheists/humanists as they point to prosperous and largely secular European countries today. The following conversation illustrates  beautifully why I think this boast is … Continue reading

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A question about “evidence”

I have a question for my detractors. We theists are constantly chided by atheists and skeptics for our “blind faith,” whereas they claim they base their views on solid scientific evidence. It’s also popularly thought that progress in science will … Continue reading

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What’s your worldview?

In my last post, I gave two very different worldviews and asked which one appeals to you. The first one was from Richard Dawkins, which represented a naturalist worldview. The second one was from C. Baxter Kruger, which represented a … Continue reading

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Two worldviews for consideration

The Oxford Dictionary defines a worldview as: “A particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.” We all have one whether we realize it or not. I have given two worldviews here (below) that represent two diametrically opposed views. … Continue reading

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The foundation of my life

Last February, I posted this song, “I Will Build My Life” by Housefires. You can read about what I said here. As it was then, my life is not built on making the best argument for God, or having to … Continue reading

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The Naturalist’s dilemma

The inherent problem a Naturalist has is that they cannot escape their own paradigm—the closed universe of natural laws and scientific method. This is the legacy of Western Enlightenment thinking, which is technically called Metaphysical Naturalism. An Enlightenment philosopher who … Continue reading

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