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Dogmatism and the human delete key

I’ve noticed (or confirmed) something very interesting in my recent dialogue with atheists and skeptics about classical theology and philosophy. Like the dogmatic religious Fundamentalist, the atheist or skeptics also have their dogmatism and Fundamentalism. But what this actually reveals is … Continue reading

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God said what?! – Part One

We took our first brief excursion into the hidden underbelly of Scripture last time. Now, it’s time to go deeper down this murky path. This is going to be a longer, much more arduous trip, so make sure you bring plenty of water and good batteries for your flashlight!

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Testing, testing… (answer key)

Okay, we discovered last time that what’s wrong with our picture is that the king of spades is red and the ace of hearts is black. Why do these things work on us? To quote the site where I got this picture…

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