Saving Easter – part two

Saving_EasterThis is continuation of my series about Easter and the atonement. If you haven’t done so already, please read part one first. It will provide a helpful context for our continued discussion here.

This post is almost supplemental or parenthetical to the main subject at hand, but would be good to talk about before we go further, so I will call it part two. Continue reading

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Saving Easter – part one

Saving_EasterIn my last post I asked a couple of questions. First, where in the Bible does it actually say that Jesus paid for our sins? The second question was, if Jesus did pay for our sins,  who did He pay, and how did He pay for them?

We did not find such a verse. But let me say up front that the Bible uses a lot of metaphors to describe how God saves us. Continue reading

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Who, what and how did Jesus pay?

1426171_86491530We’ve sung our beloved hymns about how Jesus “paid it all” and how He “paid a debt He didn’t owe, one that we could not pay” for over a century. We’ve believed this for much longer.

But I have a couple questions about this…

Where does it actually say that Jesus paid for our sins in the Bible? (Notice carefully that I am focusing on the payment for sin part.)  Continue reading

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Wave after wave…I want it all

Psalm42_7Lately, I’ve been marinating in this song from United Pursuit. It seems to resonate with the heart cry of my soul for the “more” of God.

Not that God needs to give me more of something I don’t already possess; I need to be more aware of the “more” living in me. Continue reading

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Our Father has won!

Cross_cloudsAs we approach Easter, we celebrate Christ’s victory on the cross and with His resurrection. This is truly glorious and forever to be praised.

But do we also know that the cross was ultimately the Father’s victory?

It was the Father’s love that came down to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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“The man who raises dead people”- remembering St. Patrick

Saint_Patrick_(window)While many will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with parades and green beer, relatively few know how this missionary bishop to the Emerald Isle worked supernatural signs and wonders as a matter of course.

It’s been said that St. Patrick (c. 389-c. 461) performed a thousand miracles. Legend says he drove the snakes out of Ireland. One thing is for certain. He brought Heaven to an island overrun in pagan darkness and won over a whole people group to Christ.

St. Patrick was known as “The man who raises dead people”–as many as 39 (and a horse!),  of which 33 Continue reading

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Why I don’t focus on eschatology

Last_Days2 Eschatology is the study of the end times. It’s a worthy study and we should all understand what the Bible says about it. But it’s also the source of more divisiveness and fear-based theology than just about any other subject.

More Christian cults have been started because of an obsession with eschatology Continue reading

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