The fear of the Lord: reverential shock and awe

CrackinSpaceWhat does the fear of the Lord look like through the lens of love? For His perfect love truly casts out all our orphan-hearted fear (1 John 4:18).

I would call it reverential shock and awe. And it truly is the beginning of wisdom. Continue reading

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Are you a treasure hunter or a troubleshooter?

Diamond_in_the_roughAre you a treasure hunter or a troubleshooter? Johnny Enlow asks this question in his book, The Seven Mountain Renaissance: Vision and Strategy Through 2050 (I highly recommend this book.)

You see, our problem is not the world, it’s our perception. I already shared Johnny Continue reading

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King of My Heart | Sarah McMillan

Man_Sunset2Beloved of God, who will be the king of your heart when trouble comes? When everything around you seems to be crashing in on you? When your circumstances look nothing like what you’ve been faithfully believing for?

Will you still believe that God is good? Continue reading

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Doom and gloom ahead…or not

Johnny_Elizabeth_Enlow_500pxSomeone recently sent me this word from Johnny Enlow that was published on the Elijah List (Jan. 13, 2016). I have to say, I couldn’t agree with it more! It resonates with what I’ve been seeing. In fact, that’s why I wrote my book, Sonshift

Enlow’s word  really captures the heart of the new reformation that we’ve been witnessing in the church in recent years. It’s truly an exciting time to be alive! Continue reading

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Why we should practice the art of faithfully questioning everything

Question_EverythingOne thing I ‘ve found fascinating from studying human nature, teaching, writing and having conversations with people, is our innate ability to disregard anything that is different than what we already agree with. This amazing mental disconnect is especially prevalent with true believers, whether Christian or otherwise.  Continue reading

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On the shores of our soul

ShorelineI’ve always enjoyed standing on an ocean shoreline. There’s something otherworldly about this experience. One world seems to end where another begins…where one way of traveling must give way to another way. It exposes our limitations, yet holds out hope for something so much more.  Continue reading

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Rebuilding our cities in the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie_ApocolypseWhat will the church look like as it rises from the ashes of the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse? Are we living in the dawning of a new day? Is it a time for us to rebuild our ruined “cities” (called local churches) on a new platform of the Father’s love and Christ’s scandalous grace? Will the church finally look like Jesus in the aftermath? Continue reading

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