Standing up for Truth and Loving our Enemies

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke once said, “The devil is just a mouse with a microphone.” Jesus stripped him of his power on the cross. Now, the only authority he has is what we give him through the lies we believe. The same is true for tyranny. Oppressive regimes only have power when the people allow them to have it. And we allow it through ignorance and fear. But we also know what was meant for evil can be for our good (Gen.50:20), and that God works all things together for our good (Rom.8:28). So, in that hopeful light, I will share an op-ed piece from the Epoch Times that exposes what’s bringing us to the brink of tyranny, and then add my own insights on how we should respond. Continue reading

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Keeping the “Good News” good news

I’ve been looking at Loving our “Samaritans“—those “evil” people who are on the other side, who we think are our enemies, and may actually be. We could be absolutely right about all of that…yet be on the opposite side of Jesus (see Luke 9:53-55). In this installment, I want to look at what the Samaritan woman discovered in her encounter with Jesus, and what we can learn from this. Continue reading

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Loving our Samaritans in 2021

In my deep dive on Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture, and other neo-Marxist offshoots, I have repeatedly said that the people who embrace these divisive and destructive ideologies are not our enemies. And while I hate these ideologies, I don’t hate the people. And this video interview with Bret Weinstein and Brittany King is evidence of why we need to remember this. Continue reading

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It’s time to rescue our children

We were having a conversation over at Citizen Tom’s blog about how School Choice is the Civil Rights Movement of our Time. At least it should be if we want to save our children from the very dangerous ideological brainwashing of the radical left that’s going on right now. This is not conspiracy theory, it’s reality. What started in our universities has now matasticized to your children’s school. Continue reading

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Dining with Jesus

We’ve been looking at Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. In my post, “The Seventh Husband,” we saw that this woman’s “five husbands” symbolize our trying to find life and fulfillment through our five senses, but they cannot give us what we deeply long for. Only Jesus can satisfy our soul. And now we’re ready to learn something even more wonderful! Continue reading

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Deconstructing the Communist Manifesto

For this week’s installment for my series about the evils of Socialism, I thought it might be good to go directly to a founding document that inspired the deconstructionism of postmodernism, the ‘woke’ religion of identity politics, Critical Theories, and all other forms of Socialism, by sharing a video where Jordan Peterson goes through the major points of the Communist Manifesto. I’m using this video because he shares an important concept that seems to be lost in our current culture, and that’s the ability to think through these things critically. It seems that many of our young people have accepted this particular ideology without actually having thought through what it is they’ve accepted. Continue reading

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God of the Instead

In this world we will have trouble and sorrow—we’ll be misunderstood, rejected, taken advantage of, maybe even abused. This is why we can relate to the Samaritan woman in John 4. We love this story because Jesus doesn’t leave us in our mess. What this story is telling us is that He is the “God of the instead!”   Continue reading

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The “Seventh Husband”

Why do we do what we do? And what is it we’re really looking for? Is it not to fill some need? It seems to me that even the things that enslave us are because we’re looking for something valid, but in the wrong way. These are the questions Jesus is answering with the Samaritan woman at the well as we continue looking at “Loving Our Samaritans.” Continue reading

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How Identity Politics came to America

Why do so many of our young people embrace Marxist Socialism? Of course, we older folks know it wasn’t always this way; quite the opposite. So, what changed, considering that everything about this ideology is not only diametrically opposed to Christian values, but against the values that made America a wonderful place to live, in spite of our flaws? To answer this, we need look no further than our universities. Continue reading

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Learning how to love like Jesus

“Who is my neighbor?” That’s what the religious scholar asked Jesus in Luke 10:29.  What follows is a fascinating study in human nature. Last time, I talked about “Loving our Samaritans.” This is a continuation on that theme. In Luke 9, we saw that the Samaritans had rejected Jesus, and His disciples wanted Him to call fire down on them like Elijah did. After all, these are “wicked people” (see Luke 9:54). I already mentioned the generations of prejudicial hatred between the Jews and the Samaritans. The Jews thought they were morally superior to the Samaritans; the Samaritans resented this and hated the Jews. Continue reading

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