WP movies now on Netflix

WPFilm_NetflixIf you’ve been blessed by Darren Wilson’s documentary films (Finger of God, Furious Love, Father of Lights, Holy Ghost), they’re now available on Netflix.

You can click on the picture above for more information about this from WP Films.  I’ve reposted the following from the email I received from them: Continue reading

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His love changes everything

Me and mom - 1978

Me and mom – 1978

As we live our lives, it’s easy to forget where we’ve come from and how far we’ve come. It’s also easy for me to forget to let you know the context from where my writing comes from…so here goes.

Before I personally encountered the Father’s transforming love, I went from Continue reading

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How Constantine changed Christianity

Constantine_I_Hagia_SophiaI would like to continue where I left off with my last post about how Jesus’ subversive teachings challenge our “normal.” This time, I would like to look at where some of this disconnect comes from.

To help with this effort, I’ve included a short video from Greg Boyd where he talks about how the Roman emperor, Constantine, dramatically changed our understanding of Christianity. Continue reading

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Jesus’ teachings we don’t really believe

Husité_-_Jenský_kodexIt’s interesting to me how much we love Jesus but don’t really want to do what He taught. Oh, we try to obey our favorite verses, but truth be told, some of Jesus’ teachings are so subversive that they’re embarrassing to us.

These teachings don’t fit our culture, our national pride, or our insecurities and need for self-preservation, so we pretty much ignore them.

What teachings of Jesus am I talking about?  Well, here’s a short list from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount… Continue reading

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I will rejoice in the simple Gospel

Simple_Gospel“I will rejoice in the simple Gospel.” This statement in the song, “Simple Gospel,” by United Pursuit is a life anthem for me.

This is not a cheap gospel because God bankrupted heaven for it. He did the unthinkable by becoming a man and giving what was most precious to Him…for us. Jesus already did everything that needs to be done.

For me, to add anything to this is what actually cheapens the Gospel. Continue reading

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But why does she sleep?

Henry_Meynell_Rheam_-_Sleeping_BeautyKeith Green wrote a song, “Asleep in the Light” (inspired by Leonard Ravenhill’s preaching) about how “the world is sleeping in the dark, but the church just can’t fight because it’s asleep in the light.” This kind of “cattle prod” preaching is somewhat effective, but does it actually deal with the underlying reasons for this slumber? Continue reading

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There’s no end to these affections

Intertwined3Worship is entering into a never-ending, reciprocating, other-centered love relationship with God. I say “reciprocating” because it’s about mutual devotion. Relationally speaking, it’s like the intimacy of two lovers intertwined. It’s the freedom of a child jumping into his or her father’s loving arms. Continue reading

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