There’s been a great outpouring of worship music over the last few decades that has significantly impacted our Christian experience in so many positive ways. But there’s also a potential problem. When we mainly associate worship with music we risk worshiping music instead of God. One way we may know this is by asking who or what the focus is actually on when we worship. Continue reading

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What if we returned to the ancient faith?

There’s a quiet revolution going on within the body of Christ; one that’s recovering ancient Christological truths that are setting us free from the powerless, humanistic, and deistic philosophies that have dominated Western theology since the Enlightenment. We’re recovering the truth that following Christ is not transactional but relational, as this video interview brings out so well. Continue reading

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Letting Jesus study me

I’ve been doing devotional reading of the Bible for over 18 years now. What I mean is, I’ve been letting the God of the Word study me. For the 20-some years before that, I studied the Bible. I only bring this up to provide context for what I want to share. Continue reading

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Communion brings revelation

Many things that God wants to reveal to us only happen after we’ve opened our hearts and have Him “sup” with us. But I’m not talking about eating food. Last time, I talked about how our life in Christ must be experienced, like a fine cuisine, we must allow Jesus to dine with us, metaphorically speaking. Continue reading

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Taste and See!

We’re currently living in a time when the ubiquitous influence of Christianity that under-girded Western culture for a millennia has become a thing of history. But I would be quick to add, this is not necessarily a bad thing, because what looks fallen down and ruined at first blush is often just the catalyst for a glorious restoration. Continue reading

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“Are we under the Law as Christians?” Yes, of course!

Whenever someone asks me if we, as followers of Christ, are still under the Law, I know what they’re asking. Most people who ask these kinds of questions are looking to push back when the message of God’s scandalous grace is taught. I heard Bill Vanderbush‘s answer to this and I think it’s the best way to respond. I simply answer: “Yes, of course! We’re still under the law.”  Continue reading

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When self-love becomes other-centered

We all understand that self-love—where everything and everyone must orbit around one’s narcissistic milieu—is a bad character trait. But in knowing this we also risk confusing this self-centered love with the self-love that’s critically important to following Christ. This form of self-love is actually God-centered and self-giving.

How does God’s kind of self-love work? Well, first, we must understand something about loving God and how He loves. Continue reading

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