Humans behaving badly and the existence of God

The following “Closer To Truth” video clip is a typical example of atheists conflating human behavior with the question of the existence of God. The interview is between host, Robert Kuhn and Michael Ruse. Kuhn is an agnostic, Ruse is an atheist philosopher of science.  Continue reading

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Hitler and what it means to be a (real) Christian

I thought the following comment was particularly good in answering the absurd notion that Hitler was a Christian. I’ve talked about this before here. But this comment comes from a post titled, “Dinner with Hitler and Other Moral Issues.” The comment is a dialogue between “agnophilo” and the blog host, “rentafriend2000.” Continue reading

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Here’s a simple song to go with my last post about living a life of responsiveness. The song is “Sails” which was a collaborative effort by Amanda Cook, Ben Smith, Daniel Bashta, Pat Barrett, and Steffany Gretzinger. Put your earbuds in, sit back and let out the sails of your heart and let God take you on His endless ocean where there are no shores, only love.

Get the EP here:

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A life of responsiveness

Our life in Christ is a life of responsiveness. As Paul had to tell the religious and spiritually imature Corinthians, “What do you have that you did not receive?” (1 Cor.4:7). As I’ve said before (quoting C. Baxter Kruger), “Religion is about us inviting God into our lives; following Christ is about God inviting us into His life.”  Continue reading

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Do morals evolve?

I thought about this question in light of the discussion on my recent posts here, here, and here. It seems that naturalists and secularists want us to believe that our moral values come to us from our biology and these are evolving as humankind hurdles forward through time and space.

Of course, from this beachhead they are free to dismiss religion by saying that we Continue reading

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Some intellectual honesty on Western values

I’ve been looking at how Christianity influenced our modern idea of morality and social justice in the West. It’s been clear from the comments here that the rank and file Christian despisers who come here aren’t willing to admit its ubiquitous influence in our cultural history. So I thought it would good to quote some of their betters who are more intellectually honest. Continue reading

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The Cross: a most unlikely victory

There’s a lot of focus on social justice and giving the victim a voice in our culture today. And that’s good. As I shared last time with the conversation between agnostic historian Tom Holland and Bible scholar NT Wright, they are making the point that these Western values come to us through Christianity.  And we see this power of the victim (suffering) illustrated profoundly with the cross of Christ. Continue reading

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