About Miracles

As Easter draws near,  it’s a good time to talk about its central component: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In my recent posts, “Pulling Back the curtain on Materialism” and “God is not a god,” I tried to show incoherence of the materialist ontology concerning the question of the existence of God, and that idealism is a much better fit, especially in light of what we know about quantum realities (see also “Reality…what reality?” and “Christ, the Cosmic Mind, and Consciousness” for further background into this philosophical discussion).  Continue reading

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So, where’s your hope?

A great scientist died last week. Of course, I’m talking about Steven Hawking. When I saw this quote going around the Internet, I was thinking about all the things this remarkable man had to overcome with MND, and all the brilliant scientific discoveries he made, yet I just wanted to ask…so, where’s your hope?  Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Beannachtaí na Féile Páraic oraibh!
(“St. Patrick’s Day blessings upon you!” in Gaelic)

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God is not a god

One thing I’ve found interesting in my study of classical Christian theology, and more recent foray in various Christian apologetics, is how few people really understand the classical arguments for God…including Christians, but especially atheists.

As David Bentley Hart points out succinctly, God is not a god.  Continue reading

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Pulling back the curtain on materialism

I personally believe that the real conflict is not actually between science and faith, but between materialism and idealism. For some background of these ontologies, I briefly talked about these two views in “Christ, the Cosmic Mind, and Consciousness.” Classically, theists of all major religions have tended to hold an idealist form of ontology. More on that another time.  Continue reading

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Science cannot replace God

If God exists, then science cannot replace God. Science exists because God exists. Where we got the notion that scientific advancement somehow replaces God comes from pagan idea of God that’s called the “god of the gaps.” I mentioned this in “Deconstructing the God of the gaps.” I will further elaborate here with the help of philosopher and theologian, David Bentley Hart.  Continue reading

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Why materialism fails us

We’ve already looked at how evolutionary Naturalism gives us reason to doubt the reliability of human cognitive faculties to discover truth, And Naturalism’s close ontological cousin, Materialism, has also failed us.  Continue reading

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