How human beings poison everything

My tongue is firmly in cheek here, playing off the subtitle of Christopher Hitchens’s book, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, but I do want to make a point about this that I believe I can back up with empirical data.

Here’s my logic: There has been much evil done in human history. All of these atrocities involve human beings. Therefore, human beings poison everything.

You will no doubt object to this simplistic Continue reading

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Why materialism won’t give us artificial consciousness

Okay, I’m clearly no expert in this field but my geek-oriented mind can read. Also, I believe the topic of consciousness can lend further understanding into our spiritual interactions with God, so it should be of some interest to us as Christians. And while materialists attempt to demonstrate that consciousness comes from physical matter, we have good reason to be skeptical.  Continue reading

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Shift Happens – SOZO Talk Radio interview

This is a video interview I did with my blogging friend Daniel Lovett for his Sozo Talk Radio program. We did this on Skype so the video is a bit choppy but the audio is good. Daniel and I talked about my book, Sonshift: Everything Changes in the Father’s Embrace, and shared other fun God stories. This is part one of a two-part interview.

You should also check out Daniel’s post, “Shift Happens, Mel Wild (pt 1)” and his blog. He has a lot of other good things to say there, too.

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Dogmatism and the human delete key

I’ve noticed (or confirmed) something very interesting in my recent dialogue with atheists and skeptics about classical theology and philosophy. Like the dogmatic religious Fundamentalist, the atheist or skeptics also have their dogmatism and Fundamentalism. But what this actually reveals is the human “delete” key (or perhaps, trapdoor) in our mind that doesn’t recognize things we don’t expect.  Continue reading

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The Classical Argument for Christ

I’ve posted a whole series on the classical argument for the existence of God. Of course, as a Christian, I often get asked, “So, even if this Prime Mover exists, why should I believe in the Christian “God? Why not other religions?” 

This is a fair question and one that cannot be answered with the same deductive reasoning as with the metaphysical argument for God, but there is a logical connection we can make for the incarnation of God in the person of Christ, and why an invisible, transcendent, and infinite God would communicate with humankind this way.  Continue reading

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When they’re blinding you with science

Okay, it’s a Saturday and this post title is a bit tongue-in-cheek, having some fun with a popular 80’s tune, but there’s a point to my pun. I want to encourage Christians who are being bullied by aggressive anti-Christians who go on Christian blogs to “blind them with science.”  Continue reading

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Faith matters

Some skeptics say they can’t believe in God because He can’t be proven. They ask why, if God exists, He makes Himself so mysterious and hard to find? Others say there’s no physical evidence for this immaterial God. Of course, there wouldn’t be physical evidence, would there.

However, I’ve found that no amount of Continue reading

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