Hope is alive today

In case you didn’t know this, or you’ve just forgotten…

Hope is alive today, He is alive today
The stone was rolled away
Death defeated in His grave
Hope is alive today, He is alive today
No matter what we face
We overcome in Jesus’ name

Hope Is Alive
Written by Kristene DiMarco, Brian Johnson, Matt Hammitt, Bill Johnson, and Sean Feucht
© 2017 Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Heritage Worship Publishing (ASCAP) / Matt Hammitt Music (SESAC) / Songs for FCM (SESAC) (c/o Kobalt) . All Rights Reserved. Visit website: https://bethelmusic.com/where-his-light-was
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The Trinitarian God – Part One

As Christians, when we define what God is like we are, first and foremost, talking about relationship. God is love (1 John 4:8), which requires Him being in relationship within Himself apart from His creation. Otherwise, His love would be dependent on something outside of Himself.

When Jesus said, “I am the way,” the “way” He was talking about was an amazing journey of discovery in relationship with Him. When He said He was “the truth,” He defined “Truth” as a Person, not a compartmentalized fact. We only really know truth Continue reading

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An alternate view of the creation story

I hadn’t planned on writing about this, but since my last post on Francis Collins, I’ve been in conversation with atheists about The BioLogos Foundation’s controversial position with traditional Christian views, so I thought it appropriate to write a post about it and include a couple of their videos where Reverend Leonard J. Vander Zee gives the big picture of creation from the perspective of this organization of scientists and theologians.  Continue reading

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How Francis Collins came to Christ

I never grow tired of hearing testimonies about how a person came to faith in Christ. Especially, when it’s a scientist with the stature of Dr. Francis Collins. For those of you who have not heard of Francis Collins, he is highly esteemed geneticist and physician. Here are some of his credentials.  Continue reading

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Does science and natural law rule out miracles?

This post is a follow-up to “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part Four” where I talked about miracles and why naturalists don’t believe in them. The subject of miracles is  important for Christians because God miraculously raising Jesus Christ from the dead is a central tenet of our faith. The question I want to look at today is whether science or natural laws preclude miracles. Continue reading

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Why science can’t answer everything

I’ve made the point here that while science is very good at analyzing and testing observable data, it cannot help us transcend the natural world or answer the deeper existential questions that also must be answered. It cannot answer why science, or why there’s even such a thing as the natural world. These are philosophical questions.” Continue reading

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The Cosmic Christ

As an old gospel song goes, we’ve got to get a bigger picture of Jesus. He’s so much bigger than the religious veneer of Christianity makes Him out to be.

As I’ve shared many times before, Paul describes the Cosmic Christ in the ancient creed that predates his writing. Here is that creed, recorded in Colossians. I’ve highlighted some of the key phrases:  Continue reading

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