Subterfuge, suppression, and hope for our future

It’s become apparent to me that this election year is not ultimately about Trump and Biden, Republicans and Democrats, or even conservatives and liberals, but about two very different ideological trajectories. One leads to freedom and the other leads to tyranny. It’s not even a question of making America great again, but keeping America, America. Continue reading

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Fear can go to hell (shame can go there too)

There’s a Chinese curse that says, may you live in interesting times. And it seems we have “interesting” in spades this year! We’ve just officially entered into possibly the weirdest, most non-connecting holiday season of our lives (if our governing authorities have anything to say about it), along with so many other negative things that come in the name of being safe. Continue reading

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Expose the false narrative with truth

We’ve always been critical of state-run media (remember Pravda?); but what about a media-run state? We’ve been wary of the government becoming Orwellian but today it seems the globalist elites and mainstream media better fit that bill. If we’re paying attention and thinking for ourselves, we sense something is profoundly wrong. The mainstream media has been spinning a narrative instead of reporting the news, and now we have the big tech oligarchs censoring the President of the United States. The tail is truly wagging the dog here. Continue reading

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The trajectory of hate

Why would make Antifa and BLM thugs believe that harassing and violently attacking innocent families with children, even elderly, shoving them to the ground (child on left in picture was crushed under protective man with flag when BLM woman charged him. Click on pic for video), or shooting fireworks into a crowd of people at a restaurant, a justifiable thing to do? Continue reading

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The Ultimate Immune System

As we navigate our lives through a most unusual and stress-filled year, it’s good to take time to focus in on what’s most important for a healthy and vibrant life. We may be sheltering in place to keep ourselves safe from Covid-19, but are we also taking care of our emotional and spiritual health? Are we letting our isolation weaken our soul’s immune system? Continue reading

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More good news…a vaccine IS around the corner

Turns out, here’s yet another thing our current President might be right about. It looks like we might have a Covid-19 vaccine before the end of the year. Pfizer just reported their vaccine has shown to be 90% effective in final phase of trial (consider that a flu vaccine is about 40-50% effective) with no serious safety concerns so far. It may be ready to submit for emergency approval from the FDA by the end of November. Here’s a news story on this latest breakthrough. Of course, the stock market is reacting. 🙂

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Joe Biden won (?)

If you believe Joe Biden is President-elect, as of right now, you would be wrong. It doesn’t mean he won’t be, but nothing has changed since election day. No state has certified Joe Biden as the winner, and the news media has absolutely no authority to make him so. If they did, they would’ve joyfully coronated Al Gore our 43rd POTUS in 2000. Continue reading

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Why the Electoral College STILL matters

As we find ourselves in the midst of epic presidential election chaos in an equally crazy year, talk of eliminating the Electoral College will inevitably come up again. My personal view is that there are two main reasons why people don’t like the Electoral College: first, the electoral results didn’t go their way but the popular vote did; second, they don’t understand our constitutional form of government. I’ll add a third, more radical, reason. They want to overthrow our current form of government. Continue reading

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A faithful reminder on Election Day

I thought this meme from my good friend, Mark Hendrickson, is a great reminder to us all in a very heated and divisive election year. While we can have disagreement on policy, let’s never disagree on love. And let’s remember who we are, Whose we are, and that there is no “us vs. them” in the Kingdom of God.

You live fully in me and now I live fully in them
    so that they will experience perfect unity,
    and the world will be convinced that you have sent me,
    for they will see that you love each one of them
    with the same passionate love that you have for me. (John 17:23 TPT)

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Halloween COVID Dystopia

Since today is Halloween, in perhaps the strangest year we have ever lived through, I thought I would go off topic and share some information about our favorite horror story of 2020—Covid-19 lockdowns. This information is from Thomas Woods, Senior Fellow at Mises Institute and New York Times bestselling author of 12 books. Continue reading

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