More thoughts about humility

Moses_wikipediaWhat is humility, biblically speaking?

As I shared in my last couple of posts, true humility is simply agreeing with God, nothing more, nothing less. To say anything about yourself other that what God says about you is preferring your opinion over His. I don’t think we want to do that!

I also shared a post called Thoughts about humility a while back, so I will just add one additional thought here. Continue reading

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Did Paul consider himself a sinner?

The_Apostle_Paul_-_RembrandtWas Paul, the apostle, trying to identify himself as the “worst” of sinners in 1 Timothy 1:15? Did he consider himself just a “sinner saved by grace” like many evangelical Christians do today. I know I thought that for most of my Christian life.

This post is in response to comments from my last post, where I mentioned that, in Christ, we’re no longer to consider ourselves as sinners (even though we may still sin.) This is an important topic that deserves attention because it cuts to the heart of how we see ourselves in Christ. Continue reading

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The trouble with only being human

Only_Human“Hey, I’m only human.”

I hear that a lot, and I get that. We often say things like this in order to elicit a graceful response for our poor behavior.

Let me say up front, we should have grace for our own failings, or anyone else’s. Continue reading

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Are we still praying to intermediaries?

DoorwayThis thought occurred to me the other day. I don’t mean to offend and I apologize up front if I do. I simply want us all to consider something. I also don’t think I’m making too fine a point by asking.

Are we still praying to intermediaries?

When I became an evangelical Christian in 1978, after growing up Catholic, I took pride in that I didn’t pray to Mary or the saints anymore.

In my youthful zeal and ignorance, I would chastise my devout Catholic mom for praying to Mary or the Continue reading

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Our Father delights in us

Good_FatherHappy Father’s Day. Yay dads!

My good friend, Mark Hendrickson, was with us last Sunday and led us into the Father’s heart in worship, so I’ve included a song as a supplement to Friday’s post, “Fatherhood and the Father’s love.”

I love how Mark pulls us right into the Continue reading

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Fatherhood and the Father’s love

Dad_SonAs we get ready to celebrate fatherhood this weekend, I would like to share some thoughts on the subject. Even though I’m directly talking to fathers, it really applies to all of us because we are all children of our heavenly Father.

To be a loving father, we need to know the love of the Father. Everything good and Continue reading

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Jesus lived in two places at once…and so do you

Heavenly_manWhen Jesus walked on the earth, He was also in heaven. His incarnation was the prototype, the inauguration of a completely new species of being, which we are in Christ.

I’ve written a lot about the “Heaven on Earth” reality on this blog.  Continue reading

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