Project Thailand

Dan-TrishNotleyMy friend, Dan Notley, recently spoke at our church about his work in Thailand to help rescue and restore children who have been victimized by human trafficking. I have included an audio clip from this session below.

Dan and his wife, Trish, had just returned from five weeks in Thailand. He shared how they ministered and equipped Thai Continue reading

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What is “us vs. them” anyway?

ConnectionIf every person on the earth is, in some fashion, connected together in Christ, how would that change how we see each other? How we treat one one? Love one another?

Maureen and I recently sent in a DNA kit discover more about our ancestry. This made me think of my recent post titled, “The myth of separation,” where I looked at how Continue reading

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What’s so bad about a “sloppy wet kiss?”

JohnMarkMcMillanWhy are Christians so offended by lyrics like this? What does that say about us?

We’ve sung John Mark McMillan’s song, “How He Loves” since 2007. It’s been a theme song for our church. I love its pure passion and raw poetic flair. Continue reading

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The myth of separation

Jesus_gulfIf you’re from our Western religious culture, your default way of looking at God is somewhat deistic. If you’re from an Eastern culture, you may tend toward a pantheistic view of God.

Basically, deism sees God as separated from His creation. Pantheism sees God as identical to creation. Continue reading

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Why was God so…different in the Old Testament?

God_FatherWhat are we supposed to think about the God of the Old Testament who seemed to be very angry and violent, even condoning sinful behavior in His people at times, when we see something very different in Jesus?

Does this prove that the Bible is full of contradictions? Or…is it telling us something else? Continue reading

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Jesus We Love You | Paul McClure

WewillnotbeShakenphoto5Here’s another song we’ve been singing from Bethel’s latest release, “We Will Not Be Shaken.” This is one is led by Paul McClure called, “Jesus We Love You.”

I love songs that express exactly what God is doing in the hearts of His people. This has been one of those anthems for us. Continue reading

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Things you might not have known about hell

Gustave_Dore_Inferno34There’s very strong emotion tied to our ideas about hell. To disagree with them is tantamount to excommunication in some people’s view.

This post is a continuation where I left off last time on the subject of wrath and hell. As I said last time, this subject is too vast to adequately cover here. I will mostly quote other people and throw my own thoughts in the mix. Continue reading

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