Was Ezra xenophobic?

light_tunnelWe’ve completed our preliminary vision test and are now ready to begin our journey down into the murky and hidden underbelly of Scripture. But before we go, some disclaimers are in order.

As I said before, this trek is not for the faint of faith, nor for those who need their theology all wrapped up with a nice Continue reading

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Testing, testing… (answer key)

Okay, we discovered last time that what’s wrong with our picture is that the king of spades is red and the ace of hearts is black.

Why do these things work on us? To quote the site where I got this picture… Continue reading

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Testing, testing…

I’ve been lobbing some “softball” (non-controversial) posts lately and, being a trailblazer at heart, I have a need to throw us into the deeper end of the pool for some adventuresome theological dialogue. (How’s that for a mixed bag of metaphors!)

But tumbling down this rabbit hole into Continue reading

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Any questions?


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Upgrade and road construction

road_construction01I have to go through road construction in order get to my church office (yes, we have two seasons here: winter and road construction!)

The road project is almost done now, but I think God was trying to show me something through it all. Rather than it being a daily source of frustration and Continue reading

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Grace, bad behavior, and other-centered love

danger_signOur growing up into Christ—going from glory to glory, if you will—is never a clear and straightforward path. It’s often full of uncertainties and dangerous twists and turns. But like any mountain climb to majestic heights, the result is worth the risk as long as you’re careful along the way.

In case you’ve been sleeping under a Continue reading

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It’s a “raise the dead” kind of resurrection inside of you!

Beloved, we’re living in such an amazing and exciting time! God is waking up His bride to who we really are. We’re getting our song back. It’s a “raise the dead” kind of resurrection going on in you and me! Can you see it?

Here’s a video clip from two of my favorite worship leaders, Jonathan and Melissa Helser, making this prophetic declaration (adapted from their song, “Resurrection In My Veins”). Let’s shout it out together! I’ve got resurrection in my veins! I’m taking back my song. Fear, you’ve had for way too long. Continue reading

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