God is making new wine…out of us!

I heard a troubling statistic from a new Barna survey recently, that one in three Christians (32%) have not attended either an online or on location church gathering since the pandemic. It does beg the question about the true nature of their relationship with Jesus and His body. But I want to focus on the other two-thirds and declare that God is making new wine out of us! Continue reading

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Praying for our leaders means praying for freedom

Okay, the election is over. What should be our heart’s posture be as followers of Christ after what has transpired? What do we do when it appears our new President was elected by fraudulent means? We certainly can expose what happened, fight against it, and criticize it, which I have done here, but if we want to please God, we should fervently pray for him and all our political leaders. Continue reading

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Send in the Clowns

After months of watching our country being torn apart by riots and the burning of cities, an election stolen by domestic and foreign actors while having two branches of government basically tell 75 million Americans to shove it, we’re now seeing the absolute hypocrisy of the radical left who wants to impeach the President a second time. Welcome to the circus! Continue reading

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Times that try a nation’s soul

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or only feeding on the mainstream media), you’ve witnessed blatant election fraud and suppression of the truth at an unprecedented level in this nation. And if these allegations aren’t fully litigated in court (no evidence has so far), this could be the end of legitimate elections in America, which is why January 6th will no doubt make history. Continue reading

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What are we learning?

A soul that’s not self-reflective is a superficial and impoverished soul. It has no knowledge of its own shortcomings. Its focus is more often on the shortcomings of others. It has no governing capability to mitigate against its own hypocritical double-standards. It looks into the mirror but never to discover its true nature, which can only come through reflective revelation. Continue reading

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A Christmas Story

I want to share a Christmas story that isn’t often told. It’s from John 1:1-18. Many scholars believe this was an early Christian hymn that predates the New Testament text.  I will share the portion of this ancient hymn that directly pertains to the Christmas story. This particular story gives us a unique perspective into why Jesus came to us on Christmas day. Continue reading

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The most trusted name in news?

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that 2020 will end with election chaos resembling that of a third-world banana republic. For those of us who paid attention and did our own research, we’ve witnessed hearings and actual evidence of perhaps the most systemic election fraud ever perpetrated against the American people. We’ve also witnessed massive suppression of this information from the mainstream media and big tech. Continue reading

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Subterfuge, suppression, and hope for our future

It’s become apparent to me that this election year is not ultimately about Trump and Biden, Republicans and Democrats, or even conservatives and liberals, but about two very different ideological trajectories. One leads to freedom and the other leads to tyranny. It’s not even a question of making America great again, but keeping America, America. Continue reading

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Fear can go to hell (shame can go there too)

There’s a Chinese curse that says, may you live in interesting times. And it seems we have “interesting” in spades this year! We’ve just officially entered into possibly the weirdest, most non-connecting holiday season of our lives (if our governing authorities have anything to say about it), along with so many other negative things that come in the name of being safe. Continue reading

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Expose the false narrative with truth

We’ve always been critical of state-run media (remember Pravda?); but what about a media-run state? We’ve been wary of the government becoming Orwellian but today it seems the globalist elites and mainstream media better fit that bill. If we’re paying attention and thinking for ourselves, we sense something is profoundly wrong. The mainstream media has been spinning a narrative instead of reporting the news, and now we have the big tech oligarchs censoring the President of the United States. The tail is truly wagging the dog here. Continue reading

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