The longevity of love

Mel and Maureen in LondonMaureen and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this weekend. Yay! Because of that, and because I’m occupied with the final push on launching my book, I won’t be posting a lot in the next several days. Once my book is published, I will be posting some excerpts here. :)

I would like to share a few thoughts on the longevity of love today. I will share this like Continue reading

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Love requires self-limitation

Cross_HeartWhy does God allow what He allows? This is the question that has haunted mankind from the beginning. There have been many theories and even crazy stories made up about why God does what He does, yet it still remains a mystery.

The problem people often have with this is, if God is all powerful and can do anything Continue reading

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The story behind “Good Good Father”

Here’s a video interview with Pat Barrett and Tony Brown (Housefires) on Worship Together’s New Song Café where they discuss the story behind their song, “Good Good Father.” Pat also shows how to play the song at the end. Continue reading

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Growing up in the knowledge of the Lord

Connection_PeopleHow do we grow up in the knowledge of the Lord? I heard this question at a conference I attended this week. We tend to think of this as gaining more information, studying the Bible more, having more spiritual authority.

But Scripture looks at maturity as relational. And we don’t do relational well. Continue reading

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Does God hate you? Part two

Unnews_angry_godWe’re continuing to look at the troubling question, does God actually hate sinners? This is a popular view held by many in the body of Christ, and they use Scripture to assert this claim.

But in part one we found ourselves in a quandary.  For instance, if we take Continue reading

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Does God hate you? Part one

Unnews_angry_godIs God some fickle, thin-skinned, angry deity who can’t stand to look at you, except when He puts His Jesus glasses on? Traditionally, many Christians seem to think so.

Let me say on the outset, there is no doubt that God hates what sin does to us, or anything that hurts His children. I don’t think there’s any disagreement there. Continue reading

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Unstoppable love

unstoppable-love_dropGod’s love is unstoppable, unshakable, unfathomable, and unfailing toward you. He’s relentlessly and tenaciously pursuing you, patiently and faithfully waiting for you to look His way…for just one sign of your reception of His affection.

You can’t outrun, run over, or run away from His love. And when you run to the end of yourself, He is there waiting…with open arms of love. Continue reading

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