What atheists wish Christians knew about them

ConversationThis is a supplement to my last post about the movie, God’s Not Dead 2‘s impact on the world we live in. If you haven’t read that, it would be helpful to read that first for context here.

This is a short video with Neil Carter, the atheist blogger I mentioned in my last post. He’s speaking at a Christian church, giving Continue reading

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Why movies like “God’s Not Dead 2” won’t reach the world

GodsNotDead2First, my disclaimer. This is not a review of the movie, God’s Not Dead 2. While I’ve seen God’s Not Dead, I haven’t seen the sequel (both movies by Pure Flix Entertainment.)

Having said that, here’s my take on movies like GND2 in one sentence.

I don’t think we “church folk” have a handle on the way the world actually views us. Continue reading

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Honesty and Truth — Church Set Free

Here’s a post from Cate B. where she shares a video with Eugene Peterson (Message Bible) and Bono! They talk about the importance of being honest with God, with what’s going inside of us. Worth the watch! Please go to “Church Set Free” blog and comment there.

I have always loved music. I have always been searching for the music that touches my heart in honesty and love in the deepest way. Music and words that speak truth and human emotions. That is one reason that I have always related to David of the bible. Particularly, I have always loved the […]

via Honesty and Truth — Church Set Free

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Quotes: the trouble with truth

Wineskin“All truth passes through three stages. First, it’s ridiculed. Second, it’s violently opposed. Third, it’s accepted as being self-evident.” ~ Arthur Shopenhauer

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” ~ Winston S. Churchill

“All great truths begin as blasphemies.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

“The truth will set you free. But before it does, it will make you angry.” ~ Jerry Joiner Continue reading

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Romance, heroism…and glory!

Jean-Honoré_Fragonard_-_The_Stolen_KissOne of the many things my wife, Maureen, has helped me to understand is the value of love stories and romance. Over the last 37 years I’ve known her, I’ve seen dozens of “chick flicks.” I’ve also had advanced classical training in Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice), Emma Orczy (Scarlet Pimpernel), and Charlotte Brontë (Jane Eyre), which I’m sure is God’s subtle way of helping me find my inner feminine side.:) Continue reading

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Met by Love

MetbyLoveWhen we sing, “There is no one like You, Lord,” what we’re saying is that God is holy. Holiness is God’s altogether otherness. But it’s more than just being different.

It also means that no one loves us like He does. As one of my favorite lines in another song goes, “You can love me more in a moment than other lovers can in a lifetime.” Continue reading

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The Potter’s cooperative process with the clay

Re-formGod works with us much like a potter does with clay. But do we understand what that actually means? If you have a deterministic view of God, you will see it as proof that God meticulously controls, molds, and shapes us, without little, if any, input on our part. I believe Scripture tells us something quite different. Continue reading

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