When I heard God’s voice

I still remember the time in 1982 when I realized that I was hearing God speak to me for the first time. It was quite unintentional and surprising. Understand that I wasn’t the type that thought everyone who said they heard God was credible. I was actually quite skeptical at the time. Continue reading

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The door is open…are you?

Salvation is not about escaping something, it’s about finding Someone. It’s not about jumping through the hoops of religion, it’s about accepting an open invitation to something both strange and absolutely wonderful beyond our ability to imagine. Because of what Christ has done, we’ve all been invited to participate in nothing less than His divine life (2 Pet.1:4).  Continue reading

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You are not alone and you matter!

There are two innate human needs that reside deeply in every heart. They can be expressed in the form of the following two questions: “Am I alone?” and “Do I matter?” These unspoken questions haunt us in the quiet dark of night. This is because we’re both relational beings and we seek significance. We look for love, to belong, and we want our lives to count for something.  Continue reading

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Why does God create?

First of all, to dogmatically assert we really know anything about God that He doesn’t reveal to us would be the ultimate in pretentious hubris. The finite mind can no more fathom the infinite Source of Being than Hamlet could comprehend Shakespeare. We simply have no mental grid for anything outside of our “fishbowl” we call the cosmos, so there will always be a degree of mystery here. Yet, we can logically deduce the existence of this infinite Source of Being, and from that, infer the best answer for why God creates. Continue reading

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Why does the secular age still seem haunted?

I’ve been reading an interesting book by James K.A. Smith titled, How (Not) to be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor. He describes it as a guidebook to Taylor’s scholarly tome, A Secular Age. Taylor’s book looks at our history and how we got here, and proffers that we really haven’t properly understood what the secular age means.  Continue reading

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Moving on…

As I alluded to here, I’m moving on from writing posts that deal directly with the particular arguments and assumptions of the militant anti-theists. I started my inquiry into their anti-Christian polemics about two years ago.  My goal was to understand their arguments and give an answer to them or adjust my own thinking.   Continue reading

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David Bentley Hart on Materialism and Naturalism

“Materialism is the philosophical view that the only thing that exists is matter; if anything else, such as mental events, exists, then it is reducible to matter. Naturalism is the system of thought holding that all phenomena can be explained in terms of natural causes and laws.” (Google).  Continue reading

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