Sheep and being led by the Spirit (part two)

5340045724_7d1123dc0d_zWe’ve been looking at what we can learn from sheep about being led by the Spirit. If you haven’t read part one, I suggest you do so before continuing here.

As I said in part one, Jesus considered being able to hear His voice and follow Him “normal” Christian living, as He rather Continue reading

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Sheep and being led by the Spirit (part one)

SheepWhat can we learn from sheep about being led by the Spirit? Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me (John 10:27). Of course, this voice that we’re following comes from the Holy Spirit in union with our human spirit.

This post is a continuation of my thoughts on being led by the Spirit. You can read the other posts here.

When I was in Israel I enjoyed seeing the Bedouin shepherds tending their sheep along the roadside, just like Continue reading

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The Word of God and the God of the Word

Codex_Alexandrinus_f41v_-_LukeJohn Crowder had Steve McVey on his “Jesus Trip” video podcast recently, and had what I thought was a very balanced discussion on the inspiration of Scripture. I’ve included the video here.

Having dug deeply into these things myself, I would have to say that I agree with what they said. They bring up a lot of great questions and controversy that has arisen about how we should see the Bible.

Do I believe the Bible to be inspired by God? Yes, absolutely. Can we trust it? Yes, again. But when we Continue reading

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Embracing grace and being led by the Spirit

Led_by_the_SpiritLiving by grace and being led by the Spirit are synonymous. You cannot truly embrace one without the other.

I stated in “Grace in the balance between the prodigal and elder brother response” that spiritual orphans don’t understand 100% pure, undiluted grace. They will either abuse it or dismiss it. Continue reading

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Embracing grace and letting go of legalism

Law-GraceLegalism is insidious and deceptive. Some of the most legalistic people I know swear up and down they’re not legalistic. After all, who would actually admit such a thing?

Why do we have such a hard time embracing grace and letting go of legalism? Why are we in such denial? Continue reading

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He knows me

Man_Sunset2I haven’t posted a worship song in awhile so I thought I would post one of my favorites. This is the live version of Steffany  Gretzinger’s, “You Know Me.” I’ve spent much floor time with God to this song over the last few years.

I would like to share some thoughts before we get to the song. Continue reading

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You’ve got glory shining out of you!

Lampyris_noctilucaI live in a part of the country where we have millions of little fireflies shining their light in our fields. For you poor deprived souls living in the Western US, I’ve included a local PBS video so you can see what you’re missing out on (starts talking about fireflies about 2:00 in).

As a kid growing up I used to do what most other kids I knew did, I caught these fireflies and put them in a glass jar and make my own firefly lantern.

As summer arrived for these amazing little Continue reading

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