Not what you know but WHO you know

Eternal life is not about a place, it’s about a Person. It’s not about what you know but Who you know. It’s not based on believing the right things, although believing them is important, it’s about experientially knowing God as our Father and Jesus Christ. It’s participating in God’s very own life (2 Pet.1:4). Continue reading

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Light and the Darkness

As I’ve been reading the gospel of John, I’ve noticed how much he talks about light (16 times in his gospel; 5 times in his first epistle), and this started me on a journey into the significance of light in Scripture. As I mentioned last time, he uses this word metaphorically, to speak of the unveiling of true reality as it actually exists. We only see it dimly, as Paul said. Continue reading

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Being Thankful leads to our Transformation

Thankfulness is a virtue that transforms our lives and helps us walk in all the fullness that God has intended for us. It’s a very effective way to walk in the light as He is in the light (1 John 1:7). There’s power in being thankful because it helps us to see and walk in the light instead of darkness, for we are always either traveling on a trajectory toward light, or toward darkness. Continue reading

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He is Good and You are Loved

“I am good and you are loved.” That statement pretty much sums up everything you need to know about God and what He thinks of you. One of our worship leaders recently made me aware of this Travis Greene song, Good and Loved (with Steffany Gretzinger), and it’s quickly become a new favorite. I hope you see why when you hear it (if you haven’t already). Continue reading

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The Secret Formula is Love

Preachers are always giving us formulas for living a better Christian life. After 40-plus years with God, I’m happy to report that there’s really only one secret formula you need to know…except it’s no secret. It’s found in learning how to be loved by God, and loving Him and others with His love in return. It’s in this relationship with Love that we find the Source of everything meaningful. Continue reading

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“You are gods”

The exchange between Jesus and the Jewish leaders in John 10:22-37 has always been an interesting one to me, although on the surface, it seems rather cryptic. The leaders accused Jesus of claiming to be God and He answers them by quoting from Psalm 82.

First, here’s the exchange: Continue reading

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Two kinds of knowing

As I’ve been reading John I’m seeing two very different kinds of knowing—two types of confidence. On the one hand, we see the religious elite of Jesus’ day who were confident because of their doctrinal traditions, education, and position. On the other hand, we see Jesus’ confidence coming from His identity and relationship with His Father. We see this contrast in the passages below. Continue reading

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