Thankfulness leads to true freedom

Thanksgiving-BrownscombeWould you still be thankful for God’s goodness if it seemed as though He had let your spouse and children be taken by disease in a land you had just dedicated “for the glory of God,” and after having pledged to serve Him faithfully in this endeavor?

Or would you question His faithfulness, Continue reading

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Missing the mark

Missing_the_MarkIn modern Christianity, we tend to look at sin as a violation—breaking a list of God’s rules that requires punishment.

While this view is not necessarily wrong, especially under the Law, it still “misses the mark,” if you will, because it prevents us from seeing the bigger picture revealed in Scripture. Continue reading

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Thoughts about fear and love

Rest_hereI was watching a video by Bruce Wauchope after Lance Floyd had mentioned him in one of his inspired blog posts titled, “Religious Inspired Amygdala.” What both Bruce and Lance had said got me to thinking about how religion is inspired from fear…Adam hiding in the bushes, separated from God…and the Christian life is inspired by love. Continue reading

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We’re not foster children, we’re adopted!

Dad_SonWhen we make the cross about retribution instead of relationship something terrible happens to our soul.

Not only do we create a rift between the Father and Son in the Godhead, we create a rift between us and God. As I’ve said in times past, we’re no more than pardoned criminals, instead of what we actually are—a new creation. Continue reading

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He loves me…He loves me not?

Loves_me_Loves_me_notI’ve talked about God’s unconditional love before on this blog. and I also put something about this in my book, Sonshift. I would like to share an excerpt here.

What I find ironic is that, while God is love, this is the one thing we struggle with most of all about Him. We make His love Continue reading

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The elusive nature of behavior modification

Jesus_PhariseesI’ve always found it interesting that Jesus only got angry with people who behaved themselves. Of course, these were the scribes and Pharisees in His day.

He never got angry with those who were considered despicable sinners. Actually, He befriended them, hung out with them, and Continue reading

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Sinking deeper and the process of knowing God

Ocean_faucetGod’s love is like an endless ocean, with no bottom or shores (Thank you, Jonathan Helser!) Our problem, as finite beings, is that we can only understand God in finite terms. When we say things like “endless ocean” we have no mental grid for anything actually bottomless or fathomless, so we must quantify it in our minds.

And when we quantify God’s love in Continue reading

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