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Why we should meditate on these things

Why is it that we prefer bad news to good news? (If you doubt this, just watch the news!) Why do we tend to think the worst of people when we hear a tale instead of thinking the best of … Continue reading

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2017: A year of breakthrough and breakout!

As senior leader of our local church, I pray for specific direction for each new year. This year, I had no clarity until about two weeks ago. I had been praying and kept getting two words… “breakthrough” and “breakout” since last December, but it didn’t fall into … Continue reading

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Repenting from fear of change

We’ve looked at how the Greek word, metanoeō, was poorly translated into English in our Bibles as “repent” before.  Metanoeo is not re-penance! It means to change your mind. Re-form your thinking about something. The problem is, we don’t like change. Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes Turn and face … Continue reading

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Happiness or joy?

What if we decided to pursue joy instead of happiness? Happiness (happen-ness) depends on your circumstances. The pursuit of happiness is dependent on something outside of yourself.  When things go well, we’re happy; when they go badly, we’re not happy. 

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Enthusiasm: the mystery of God in us!

Enthusiasm is a heart word. When you’re enthusiastic, you’re living from the heart…you’re touching God! It’s becoming like a little child, which is the way of heaven. It’s when you’re most fully alive. If you understand Greek you probably vaguely … Continue reading

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Love trumps politics

Okay, my play on words in the title is only slightly intended, but in light of the recent US presidential election, I think this subject is warranted. I’ve already talked about the primacy of love over demanding individual freedoms here, so now let’s talk about … Continue reading

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Quote: Increasing joy means letting some things go

“It’s difficult to go after the Kingdom of God without joy. Joy is one-third of the Kingdom (Rom.14:17). And the higher you go in joy, the more things you can’t take with you…like comparison, offendibility, a critical spirit, shame, and … Continue reading

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