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Why human wisdom never leads us to Christ

Human wisdom is insufficient for ever leading us to know God. I was reminded of that the other day when talking to an atheist who is very sure he’s a lot smarter than me. Perhaps he is, but no matter … Continue reading

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Why does God create?

First of all, to dogmatically assert we really know anything about God that He doesn’t reveal to us would be the ultimate in pretentious hubris. The finite mind can no more fathom the infinite Source of Being than Hamlet could … Continue reading

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Which music will you dance to?

I’ve spent a lot of time explaining and arguing worldviews over the last two years. Frankly, the whole thing is getting pretty boring to me, so I will cut to the chase. It really comes down to this question: “Which … Continue reading

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Humans behaving badly and the existence of God

The following “Closer To Truth” video clip is a typical example of atheists conflating human behavior with the question of the existence of God. The interview is between host, Robert Kuhn and Michael Ruse. Kuhn is an agnostic, Ruse is … Continue reading

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Why materialism won’t give us artificial consciousness

Okay, I’m clearly no expert in this field but my geek-oriented mind can read. Also, I believe the topic of consciousness can lend further understanding into our spiritual interactions with God, so it should be of some interest to us … Continue reading

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The classical arguments for God – Part Five

This is the final installment in a series of posts where I’ve been attempting to explain some of the arguments for classical theism. The reason for this philosophical foray is because it’s the most logically consistent argument for God of any … Continue reading

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The classical arguments for God – Part Four

One thing I like about the classical arguments for God is that they’re logically deduced from our everyday experience. And when one fully understand them (which no detractor I’ve heard so far actually does), we see that asking for evidence … Continue reading

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The classical arguments for God – Part Three

We’re now ready to talk about the importance of essence and existence. I’ve already mentioned this argument in “God is not a god.” I won’t repeat of lot of what was said there so read that post first if you  … Continue reading

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No Empiricist can be a Materialist

I’m posting this video clip as an addendum to my “Classical Arguments for God” series of posts because of some of the comments I’m getting. I’ve been accused of presenting false equivalencies and presenting “word games” with my logical arguments … Continue reading

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Evidence and other atheist fallacies

In my brief journey into the unguided and purposeless world of atheists, the most common question I get is, “Where’s your evidence for God?” Or, more blatantly, “There is no evidence for God,” as if they are even addressing the … Continue reading

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