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Mercy always triumphs

I’ve been talking about heart language. We receive everything from God through the heart, and we’re to connect with others through the heart. Our minds are to be renewed in order to receive what our heart already knows. The problem … Continue reading

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It’s not about them

Change is a funny thing. As soon as I change, the world starts to change around me. And it’s hardly ever the other way around. My thoughts on this are a follow up to my last post: God’s renovation project. … Continue reading

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Why didn’t Jesus get it?

Here’s an irony of all ironies. Jesus was killed by the people who were waiting for Him to come and save. They killed Him because He didn’t look or act like the Messiah of their theology. And since He didn’t … Continue reading

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Leaving religion to follow Christ – Part one

I mentioned in “The dynamic flow of the Trinitarian life” that we cannot bring our dualistic “good and evil” knowledge with us when we come to God. We must leave that Tree behind and learn to eat from the Tree of Life, letting go of our … Continue reading

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The true fast

As we continue our 40-day fast from fear for love, here’s a brief look at why we fast. Even under the Old Covenant, God was trying to tell us that fasting was not to afflict our souls or get brownie points with … Continue reading

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The truth about grace and truth

If Jesus was full of grace and truth why didn’t He show any grace-filled truth to the religious leaders of His day? He was always gracious and kind to the most despicable low-life sinners, even to those caught in sin, who should be stoned under … Continue reading

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Grace goes both ways

The biggest problem we have with grace is that it goes both ways. What I mean is, we love receiving grace; we’re just not that big on giving grace. Of course, we don’t always see it that way. We want … Continue reading

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