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God’s Eternal Love Story

What is it about seeing a beautiful bride walk down the aisle that makes us cry? There’s something so moving about seeing her walking toward her beloved! I submit to you, it goes beyond what pleases the eye and touches … Continue reading

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You don’t give Your heart in pieces

There are songs we love to sing, there are anthems we boldly declare, and then there are songs that change us. “Pieces” by Amanda Cook and Steffany Gretzinger is very much the last type. We are changed, not because of the melody or clever … Continue reading

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About this pearl of great price

I talked last time about treasure, about what you value most, what you won’t do without. And we looked at Jesus’ parable about the treasure in the field (Matt.13:44). If you haven’t read that post yet, I would suggest you … Continue reading

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Thoughts about treasure

Imagine that everything in your life is in your house. Now, imagine that this house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would that be? Whatever that is, it would be your treasure. Your treasure is … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day, my dear

I will be out of the blogosphere for a couple days, going out of town with my beautiful true love valentine of 33 years.  🙂 So, my dear, I will leave you with a song by Hunter Thompson called “My Dear”…and a thought. And that … Continue reading

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Give me dove’s eyes

What would you do if Jesus were to actually walk into the room you are in right now? How would your level of worship change if He were there in the room with you? And what if you were singing right to Him,  looking … Continue reading

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Thoughts about the family of God

I would like us to ponder the concept of the family of God for a moment. First, if God’s throne is in heaven and the earth is His footstool, where is His house? (Acts 7:48-50) Right, YOU are God’s house (Heb.3:6), His … Continue reading

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