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Our confidence for intimacy with God

Unlike the covenant of Abraham and Moses, our confidence is not based on pedigree or performance, respectively (see my post, “How God fulfills His promise to Abraham” for explanation). Our confidence is based on placement. When Christ died, we died; … Continue reading

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The antidote to spiritual dullness

Spiritual dullness comes from not being mindful of who you are in Christ. When we forget, or don’t know our true identity, even what we read in God’s Word has little effect in keeping us from our spiritual slumber. We … Continue reading

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The (real) antidote to deception

I’ve said many times now, one of the reasons we need to train our souls for rest is because if we don’t, we end up running on the hamster wheel of trying to attain things we’ve already been given as … Continue reading

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Abiding in Love (activation)

As we saw last time, learning how to remain in God’s love is the same thing as training our soul to live from heaven to earth. His perfecting love casts out all fear, makes us fruitful, and undefeatable!  We also … Continue reading

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Knowing His works and knowing His ways

What’s most significant to me about the current move of God is that He’s transitioning us from knowing His works to knowing His ways. I’ve talked a lot in the past about how we’re leaving the transactional gospel for a … Continue reading

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Faithful partnering with Christ

Jesus is looking for faithful partners. Those who will do the only work of God that we can do, which is to “believe in Him whom He sent” (John 6:28-29). As I pointed out last time, everything not originating from … Continue reading

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Removing the veil

The “veil” is our vain imaginations that keep us separated from God. It blinds us from seeing Him and seeing ourselves rightly in Him. It’s the religious construct we’ve invented that keeps us on its hamster wheel, trying to attain … Continue reading

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Experiential knowing is believing

Experiential knowledge is much better than second-hand knowledge. A person who has life experience in a particular job skill has much better knowledge and confidence than someone who only went to school. I’ve already talked about how apologists often use … Continue reading

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How to walk in Kingdom realities

How do we walk in Kingdom realities? Pray harder? Study the Bible more? Worship more? Live in a state of revival? All these things are important tools but God’s Kingdom realities come through one way—by remaining in His love. As … Continue reading

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He won’t let you fail

I want to talk about a new Cory Asbury song today. First, because it’s called “The Father’s House” so it belongs on this blog! Any song about the Father’s love is an anthem for everything I want communicate to the … Continue reading

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