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The door is open…are you?

Salvation is not about escaping something, it’s about finding Someone. It’s not about jumping through the hoops of religion, it’s about accepting an open invitation to something both strange and absolutely wonderful beyond our ability to imagine. Because of what … Continue reading

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Something to think about…

The Greek word, metanoeō (μετανοέω) is translated “repent” in English Bibles. This is unfortunate because that word implies a form of penance (“re-penance”). The word actually means to change your mind…or be “re-formed.” You cannot change your life through penance, but you can change your mind. And when you change your mind, God can … Continue reading

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Thoughts about repentance

Repentance is a classic example of where we think we know biblical terms when we actually may not. This is common with language in general. And sometimes we will even use a wrong word due to a prevailing cultural or … Continue reading

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