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My life message

I was at a leader’s conference this week and the speaker, Bill Vanderbush, asked us if we had and could describe our life message. Our life message is what fills us with passion. We can share it without needing any … Continue reading

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Happiness or joy?

What if we decided to pursue joy instead of happiness? Happiness (happen-ness) depends on your circumstances. The pursuit of happiness is dependent on something outside of yourself.  When things go well, we’re happy; when they go badly, we’re not happy. 

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Other-centered love is based in self-love

I brought up the paradox of individually being members of one another last time. Here’s another paradox that goes along with that: other-centered love is based in self-love. I was asked a question about this at our Men’s Bible group that I think makes for a good … Continue reading

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There’s no end to these affections

Worship is entering into a never-ending, reciprocating, other-centered love relationship with God. I say “reciprocating” because it’s about mutual devotion. Relationally speaking, it’s like the intimacy of two lovers intertwined. It’s the freedom of a child jumping into his or her father’s loving arms.

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Last Sunday, I asked my church family this question: What would the world look like if every person on the planet walked in love instead of fear? What if nothing we did was motived by fear? What if we were only … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like labels

We like to categorize and put labels on things. This isn’t bad, per se. Categorizing can help us make sense of things. But when we do so to dismiss or even demonize our brethren in Christ, that’s quite another thing. … Continue reading

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Getting there

I shared last time about letting go and laying hold of the “that for which” God has laid hold of us (Phil.3:12). I think that Steffany Gretzinger’s song, Getting There, will encourage us in this regard. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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