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The Cosmic Christ

As an old gospel song goes, we’ve got to get a bigger picture of Jesus. He’s so much bigger than the religious veneer of Christianity makes Him out to be. As I’ve shared many times before, Paul describes the Cosmic … Continue reading

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The Divine Essense and Energies of God

In my post, “Everything is relational” I made the point that there’s no such thing as separation. Everything is connected to everything else. Theologically speaking. Christ holds everything together and there is nothing outside of Christ. But this doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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How can we know God?

In The Naturalist’s Dilemma, I used a video of C.S. Lewis’s famous 1961 article, “Finding Shakespeare” to explain the problem we have with trying to find God in this world. In other words, how would Hamlet find Shakespeare since he … Continue reading

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Everything is relational

In my post, “Thoughts about Intimacy” I said that when we think about God as Father, Son, and Spirt we must understand that He is relational before  we understand anything else about Him. God is love (1 John 4:8), and … Continue reading

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The Naturalist’s dilemma

The inherent problem a Naturalist has is that they cannot escape their own paradigm—the closed universe of natural laws and scientific method. This is the legacy of Western Enlightenment thinking, which is technically called Metaphysical Naturalism. An Enlightenment philosopher who … Continue reading

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part Three

One of the arguments laymen skeptics and atheists like to make against Jesus’ resurrection is that the early Christians borrowed this idea from supposed pagan resurrection stories. While most scholars don’t accept this, it will be good to know what … Continue reading

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ – Part Two

In part one, we looked at the historical data for Jesus’ resurrection from the dead that most scholars agree on. I did not treat the Bible as inspired (even though I believe it is) but as a history book, to … Continue reading

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