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But have we learned how to love?

Imagine my disappointment when I found that only 28% of my blog posts fall in the category titled “love.” If I were being biblical, it would be 100%. This is why I always smile when people tell me I talk … Continue reading

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Leavin’ on a jet plane

I will be travelling so I probably won’t have the time to post some new stuff until the week after next. I do have a couple of re-posts scheduled next week while I’m gone that I think are appropriate for our 40-day … Continue reading

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Got love?

I would like to continue where I left off here about this ocean of God’s unfathomable love. Today, I would like to ask the question… How do we know if we know God? Is it by our profession of faith? … Continue reading

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What does real freedom look like?

In my last post we looked at where we find real freedom. The question here is, what does that freedom look like? Before we begin, you need to know that you are free, no matter what you may think about it–no matter what your … Continue reading

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Theology should be art

I’ve always liked impressionism. I think one reason is that this art genre seems to express the heart more than the head. And I think theology should be understood that way. From the heart not the head. Theology should undertaken like an art form. Someone … Continue reading

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Valentine’s day, my dear

I will be out of the blogosphere for a couple days, going out of town with my beautiful true love valentine of 33 years.  🙂 So, my dear, I will leave you with a song by Hunter Thompson called “My Dear”…and a thought. And that … Continue reading

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The Fence

Trying to live by the Law, or any attempt to be sanctified by the Law, is like living by a fence. I wrote about this is in two other posts, “Why we really do need freedom from religion” and “Is … Continue reading

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The dance for Paul

I thought I would give you a follow-up to my post “An Invitation to the Dance.” You can read that post if you like to get the background on this adventure. I’ve also included a video clip from the Benefit … Continue reading

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Compelled by Love | Heidi Baker

I haven’t recommended a movie on this blog yet so I thought I would start with one that was just released and one I think is vital for all believers to see. The movie is a documentary about Heidi Baker’s … Continue reading

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I See Love | Kelanie Gloeckler

I see love in the eyes of a Lion A jealous flame in the eyes of a King Strong as death, constant as the pulling of the moon upon the ocean He loves relentlessly

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