Why read the Bible?

I sometimes get asked by skeptics and the indifferent some variation of the following: “Why should I read the Bible?” After all, isn’t it just a bunch of stories about superstitious people who lived thousands of years ago? Don’t we know better now? We have science! What relevance could these dusty old pages have to us in our technologically-advanced culture? Continue reading

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Walking in practical Kingdom realities

I’ve shared before that God’s righteousness is not defined by rule-keeping but by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. He defines what righteous living looks like, not the religious nut-jobs thumping people over the head with their Bibles. And when our lives demonstrate Jesus’ nature, filled with His righteousness, peace, and joy, everyone can know that the Kingdom realities of heaven have manifested themselves on the earth.

Paul says it this way in Romans 14: Continue reading

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He won’t let you fail

I want to talk about a new Cory Asbury song today. First, because it’s called “The Father’s House” so it belongs on this blog! Any song about the Father’s love is an anthem for everything I want communicate to the world. The second reason is because of the lyrics.

The lyrics of this song reminded me of what I was reading in Romans 14 this morning. I was struck by what Paul said in verse 4, that we who belong to God cannot fail because we’ve been empowered by His Spirit.

The NASB says it this way: Continue reading

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But have we learned how to love?

Imagine my disappointment when I found that only 28% of my blog posts fall in the category titled “love.” If I were being biblical, it would be 100%. This is why I always smile when people tell me I talk so much about love. “Dude! God is about a lot more than lu-u-u-v-v-v!” Okay, humor aside, this sentiment only shows just how much we ignorantly dismiss what we don’t understand. Continue reading

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That you would know the unknowable!

I shared last time that a mystery in Scripture is something previously hidden that God wants to reveal to us. It’s not something you can never know; it’s something we were meant to progressively grow in—from glory to glory.

Paul makes an interesting statement in Ephesians 3 about this seeming paradox: Continue reading

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Unlocking the prison of unbelief

Our hearts come locked, stuck in some form of unbelief. As I’ve said many times before,  this is because our default is to only perceive the “fishbowl” we’ve been swimming in. So, God must reveal mysteries previously hidden to us in order for us to see this prison of unbelief we’re stuck in. Of course, this doesn’t happen all at once. It’s unveiled to us “from glory to glory” (2 Cor.3:18). Continue reading

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The Power of His Love

We, as human beings, thrive in an environment of love and positive connection. The absence of it can lead to all kinds of emotional, relational, and even physical damage. Psychologists tell us from the time we’re born we look to form bonds with people we feel safe with, usually our mother first, although our confidence is being formed in relationship with fallible people. Continue reading

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