Imagine no Christianity?

I find it amusing whenever atheists gleefully discuss “what would the world be like if there were no religion?” In a way, I’m sympathetic to this sentiment. In fact, I wrote about this early on in my blogging adventures here. But, as I’ve said before, following Jesus is not a religion.  Continue reading

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Is Materialism dead?

Perhaps materialism—the belief that all that exists is matter and energy and the rearrangement of it—is only “merely dead” and not “really most sincerely dead,” as the Coroner of Oz would say, but its days do seem to be numbered. And while its full demise may not come in our lifetime, it may just be a matter of time. Of course, I’m having fun here, but I do have a valid point.  Continue reading

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A question about “evidence”

I have a question for my detractors. We theists are constantly chided by atheists and skeptics for our “blind faith,” whereas they claim they base their views on solid scientific evidence. It’s also popularly thought that progress in science will eventually replace “religious superstitions” (see “Deconstructing the God of the gaps“). Here’s my question….  Continue reading

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The Invitation

Salvation is not so much about making a decision as it is about accepting an invitation. But what are we being invited to? It’s not about going to heaven or avoiding hell. Heaven is only heaven because of who’s there. The invitation is into God’s very own life! When we make salvation an event, we miss the main point—eternal life—which is found in a Person, not a place.  Continue reading

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Two Types of Knowing

“There are two types of knowing: intellectual and experiential. The first is an indirect form of knowing that entails conceptual models. The second is a form of direct, intuitive knowing by experiencing the truth of what is known. Only experiential knowing has transformative impact.”  Continue reading

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This is How I Fight My Battles

This is a very simple chorus but very powerful in meaning. The song, “Surrounded,” is performed by Michael W. Smith from his latest album by the same title, but it’s written by Ellysa Smith from Upper Room, a worship and prayer ministry based in Dallas, TX.  Continue reading

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Christ, the Cosmic Mind, and Consciousness

How’s that for a crazy title! This post is a follow up from my last post on worldviews.   You will no doubt think this entire post is crazy, but if you take some time to study it out, it might actually start to make sense.

Today, I want to share some thoughts about ontology as it relates to Christology and consciousness.  Continue reading

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