The antidote to crazy

What does one do when the world around you seems to have gone insane? Contemplating it can make us feel hopeless. Some of my Christian brothers and sisters may just shrug and say it’s just proof that Jesus is coming back soon. That may be so, but I should remind you that Jesus already came back…for you. In fact, He’s living inside of you right now. Continue reading

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Repressive Tolerance: decoding the hypocrisy of the radical left

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been shocked by the brazen hypocrisy of the radical left and their anti-free-speech policies. MSM and Big Tech ignore the endless violence by Antifa and BLM while demonizing or canceling anything done by the right and even unw0ke liberals, labeling them an existential threat to democracy. As it turns out, those who control this narrative are following the playbook of one man—Herbert Marcuse. Continue reading

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The gateway to authentic living

What the world needs now is other-centered, self-giving love, not political activism. Every inhumanity to man and social injustice is automatically taken care of when we treat others the same way we want to be treated. This is the essence of Jesus’ teaching (Matt.7:12). Of course, the problem is…humans. We’ve proven we’re incapable of loving this way. Rarely, do we not behave in our own self-interest. Continue reading

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Uncovering the Wokish Beast

James Lindsay (New Discourses) calls Wokism a cult religion and contends that its founding apostle is early 19th century German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831). It’s Hegel’s utopian idealism that influenced Karl Marx and all of the leftist ideological offshoots since. What we will look at today is how Hegelianism is antichrist in nature, and see a clear trajectory from Hegel to Marx to Wokism. This post is the latest in my occassional forays into the dark labyrinth of radical leftism to expose these cancerous ideologies that ultimately destroy everything they touch. Continue reading

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The pathway to true freedom

I talked about entering into a “cooperative process with Jesus” last time. Now, I would like to do a deep dive into Matthew chapter seven to help us better understand what Jesus is telling us here.  This should be important to us if we want to walk in the freedom that Jesus promises us (see John 8:31-32). Continue reading

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A father and daughter push back on CRT

I want to show a very heartwarming video that went viral recently. It’s from a dad and his daughter who talk about why Critical Race Theory (CRT) is so bad. What makes CRT so dangerous and toxic is that relatively few people understannd it, yet this destructive ideology is being forced on our school children across this country. Ironically, CRT promotes racism and is a soft form of discrimination. Continue reading

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Entering into a cooperative process with Jesus

I’ve said before that the key to the harvest is the HEART, not the head (see “Harvest of the Heart“). The heart is the seat of our effections; it’s what motivates us to do what we do. It’s how we directly connect to God, and it’s how we enter into a cooperative process with Him that leads to our transformation. Our renewed mind makes sense of what our heart already knows after the fact. Continue reading

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He knows where we left us

I’ve been loving The Chosen TV series. They’re in season two now. The last installment was episode five, which featured John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene. I want to focus in on Mary Magdalene (played by Elizabeth Tabish) because, according to the storyline, she is currently going through a “valley of the shadow of death” experience that we all face when haunted by our past. Continue reading

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Mercy always triumphs

I’ve been talking about heart language. We receive everything from God through the heart, and we’re to connect with others through the heart. Our minds are to be renewed in order to receive what our heart already knows. The problem with head-knowledge is that we tend to become judgmental, legalistic, tribal, treating people according to their behavior, their social status, rather than according to who they are to God. Continue reading

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Harvest of the Heart

I’ve been talking about loving our Samaritans. I believe God is prophetically calling us to our Samaritans right now. The “Samaritans” are the “them” in the “us vs. them” polarized world we live in. They’re on the other side of our politics; they’re the people we think deserve God’s judgment. But the truth is, Jesus loves the people we hate. He also loves the people who hate us. Continue reading

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