Let’s party like it’s 1984!

“It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” (Orwell, 1984). We had an interesting conversation about the destruction of words over at Insanitybytes22’s blog with her post, “The Word of the Day is Fortify.” You should check that out. I will continue my thoughts about it here. Of course, George Orwell was wrong about one thing in predicting his dystopian future. He was 37 years too early. Continue reading

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The Revelation of Resurrection Power…IN US!

I talked last time about the invitation into  God’s Eternal life-flow which not only allows intimate communion with Him 24/7—no distance or separation—but also releases His grace, love, and total well-being into our souls. This time I want to look at how the revelation of God’s resurrection power not only dismantles fear but also obliterates every aspect of death in our lives! Continue reading

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Enter into His Eternal Life-flow!

I encouraged us last time to arise, take up our bed and walk—to prophesy to our own “dead bones” and live as we enter into a new season. I thought it would be good to review what this means. It has very much to do with the promise of life to us found in Jesus Christ, available to us 24/7. We cannot afford to let circumstances dictate our quality of life, for our life is Christ’s very own life-flow to us and through us. This is the Gospel—the good news that brings great joy! But if we don’t understand this, it won’t bring us the joy intended. Continue reading

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Arise, take up your bed and walk!

We know full well the negative effects the Covid pandemic has had on our health, our relationships, and our economy, but do we know about the spiritual effects? What spiritual forces have also been at work to separate and isolate us and make us lose our confidence and sense of identity? More importantly, how is God using this to set us up for a phenomenal 2021? Continue reading

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Conservatives and Liberals Unite!

In my continuing effort to find commonality with differing points of view in our polarized society, I want to bring to your attention Dennis Prager’s argument that conservatives and liberals can actually be allies in many ways. In my last post, “Having difficult conversations with the ‘other side,” I offered an example of this alliance with an interview with longtime liberal,  Karlyn Borysenko. Continue reading

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Having difficult conversations with the “other side”

I’m posting this video interview with Karlyn Borysenko on “American Thought Leaders”  as a great follow-up to my last post, “Moving Away from Cancel Culture to Connection.” This is part of a series of posts I’m doing on how we might connect and have positive communication with people who oppose our views. Continue reading

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Moving Away from Cancel Culture toward Connection

Last time I talked about how we do have some commonality with people who may have a different worldview than ours. Today I want to look at how we can navigate a potentially combative conversation to come to some sort of agreement, maybe even win the other person over to our point of view. Continue reading

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This is the greatest time for the Good News!

While we’re currently living in a very politically divisive and emotionally charged time, there was never a time in our lives when the Gospel message was more relevant. Why? Because every human actually wants the same two things. They just go after them in very different ways. Everyone wants freedom and life, and Jesus gives us both of these in spades! Continue reading

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God is making new wine…out of us!

I heard a troubling statistic from a new Barna survey recently, that one in three Christians (32%) have not attended either an online or on location church gathering since the pandemic. It does beg the question about the true nature of their relationship with Jesus and His body. But I want to focus on the other two-thirds and declare that God is making new wine out of us! Continue reading

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Praying for our leaders means praying for freedom

Okay, the election is over. What should be our heart’s posture be as followers of Christ after what has transpired? What do we do when it appears our new President was elected by fraudulent means? We certainly can expose what happened, fight against it, and criticize it, which I have done here, but if we want to please God, we should fervently pray for him and all our political leaders. Continue reading

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