A wrong attitude leads to unfruitfulness

In Jesus’ parables that deal with His return, the point is not about what we’re doing when He returns but what we were doing while He was away. The two parables in Matthew 25 are no exception. In both parables, the return of the bridegroom and businessman took longer than expected. It seems that the five foolish virgins and the unfaithful steward both operated out of fear rather than faith. I want to look at the second parable about the talents (bags of gold coins) in particular here, and see how attitude affects our judgment and fruitfulness. Continue reading

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Blow up your TV…turn off your smartphone

Since it seems that the mainstream media and Big Tech are busy profiting off of our own personal echo chambers while creating what seems like a mass psychosis, it might be a good time to unplug. I’m serious….you don’t really need all of those social media apps on your phone. They’re not your friend. Continue reading

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When the “greater good” is not so good

“Is it not a display of compassion to sacrifice our personal interests for the greater good of our society?” This is the question that the video by Academy of Ideas asks in “How The Greater Good is Used as a Tool to Control Society.” I’ve included it below for my continuing look at how cultures can slip into tryanny. Continue reading

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How democracy leads to tyranny

“There is the kind of State that seeks always to extend its administrative powers and functions into the realms of society, always seeking a higher degree of centralization in the conduct of its operations, always tending toward a wider measure of politicization of social, economic, and cultural life…It builds up a sense of the absolute identity of the State and society—nothing outside the State, everything in the State.” (Robert Nisbet) Continue reading

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Tryanny or Freedom?

There are two human traits that seem to be immutable—that there are those who want power over others, and there are those who want to be ruled by others. What I want to show is how both of these traits are corrupted by weakness in human character. These trait then become carnal and even demonic. It’s the very opposite of how the kingdom of heaven works. Continue reading

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Useful Idiots

“Communism succeeds because the people promoting it are not communists. They are the Useful Idiots” (James Simpson). The term “useful idiot” was the “attitude held by Vladimir Lenin towards communist sympathizers in America. While Lenin and the Soviets held them in utter contempt they also viewed them as tools for dispensing communist propaganda to other countries, thus infecting foreign cultures with their totalitarian tripe. After their mission was complete, they were no longer ‘useful.'” (Urban Dictionary) Continue reading

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Woke Kriptonite

The greatest enemy of the dangerously insane machinations of the “woke” radical left—like Critical Race Theory—is the truth. Here is a living example of that inconvenient truth that can free the unsuspecting from the spell of these evil ideologies.

32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32 KNJV)

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Is it worth it?

Here’s a question: “It it worth it to give up everything for Jesus?” Now, before we give our trite “Christian” answer, I want us to honestly think about it, because if you’re like me, this is actually a difficult question…that is, in practice. We sing about it, make our declarations of complete fealty to Jesus, but when the proverbial rubber meets the road, we can have honest doubts we feel we dare not admit openly. Continue reading

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Making sense of the current chaos

Okay, I thought I would start with a funny from the Babylon Bee (click on pic for article), because what I want to talk about is anything but funny. When we see the inane policies of the current administration playing out at the border, the burning of our cities, and now, the utter disaster in Afghanistan, we may well wonder what’s going on? Are they utterly incompetent and stupid or is it all intentional? Continue reading

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Engage in Spiritual Joyfare!

I want to continue where I left off last time. I talked about how there’s a rest for the people of God in the midst of the craziness all around us. Today, I want to ask, what is our place in this world gone mad? One that’s long severed its tether from the Light of the World for their social counterfeits. Continue reading

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