You are Harrison Bergeron!

I thought I would have some fun today and talk about how dystopian 2020 has become. I’ve been thinking about whether we’re careening toward George Orwell’s “Nineteen-Eighty-Four“(1984)” or Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron.” Both stories take place in some dark future, and both are too real right now. However, in Christ, we identify more with the latter. I’ll explain why later. Continue reading

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Pursue doing what is beautiful

It’s a major understatement to say 2020 is a unique year. The cultural atmosphere is full of fear of the present and anxiety over the future. But it’s not unique or scary for Jesus’ Church. Actually, this is rather mild compared to what Christians face in some parts of the world today, and what the early church faced under severe persecution. Continue reading

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Why Critical Theory is not compatible with Christ

Did you ever find yourself just dumbfounded when you see people accusing others of racism while making blatantly racist statements themselves, like BLM activist Monica Cannon-Grant’s tirade against interracial marriages that would make David Duke and Adolf Hitler proud? Or, you witness people looting and burning buildings and committing acts of violence while protesting against violence? Welcome to the worldview of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality (CRT/I). As believers, we should care about all social injustices, but from a Biblical point of view, which this is not. Continue reading

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Love is not intimidated by darkness

Sean Feucht is no stranger to the darkest areas of the world. He’s ministered God’s love in places like North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan….and now, Seattle, Washington at Cal Anderson Park, formerly known as the “country” of CHOP, as he continued his “Riots to Revival” tour. Even though Antifa thugs and a satanist cult showed up acting like petulant children, the Seattle church would not be intimidated! Continue reading

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Riots to Revival!

There’s an old Chinese curse that says, may you live in interesting times. We certainly have that in 2020! We’ve witnessed a total economic shutdown, cultural upheavals, our cities literally burning down, anarchy and violence in the streets, all in a very heated and divisive election year. How should we, as Christians, respond to all of this? Continue reading

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Those who oppose their own souls

A funny thing about human beings. We will only hear what our heart is open to hearing. A closed heart can make you believe and do very foolish and harmful things. This is what the religious spirit and the political spirit do to us. They make us think emotionally rather than rationally. It’s what drives the cancel culture today. We simply will not tolerate what we don’t want to hear. Continue reading

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Justice or forgiveness?

There are two voices that speak to us. One speaks from earth and the other one speaks from heaven. One voice finds its source from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the other one from the Tree of Life. One wants retributive justice, an “eye for an eye” that demands “blood” from the perpetrator; the other gave its own blood and offers mercy and grace to everyone. And depending on how your heart is oriented, you will be more influenced by one than the other. This is why it’s critically important we understand which voice we’ve been listening to, especially in the turbulent times we find ourselves living in today. Continue reading

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How we walk in Freedom

In my post, “YOU were meant to live FREE!“, we started with this premise: “God does not deal with you according to what’s wrong with you but with what’s missing in your experience in Christ” (Graham Cooke). This must be our launching point if we’re going to cooperate with God’s intent to transform us in Christ. This requires our repentance (change of mind and heart). Continue reading

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My vent about the political shenanigans surrounding Coronavirus

Our state governor has just joined the list of several other states and issued an “emergency order” requiring face masks in all public gatherings, including churches. These kinds of measures are absurd for two reasons. First, it’s based on bad science; second, we may have a cure available right now. Either way, we should be able to open up the country, not close it down even more. Continue reading

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YOU were meant to live FREE!

Beloved, you were meant to live in total freedom. And this includes every situation or circumstance you may find yourself in; especially, the crazy times we’re living in now! So, in that regard, I want to give you some tips on “sheltering in place” today, because you’ve been placed in Christ in heavenly places! And He wants you to shelter in Him, because it’s from this place where your freedom lies. Continue reading

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