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Smartphones, addictions, joy, and pleasure

Here’s a clip from Academy of Ideas that’s making the case that smartphones are creating a population of addicts. That got me to thinking about the nature of addiction. But before I get to that, another point the clips makes … Continue reading

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When we’ve cut out our souls

Knowing facts does not necessarily mean that one knows truth. Truth can be found in beauty and art and even fiction, while lies can be forged from stainless steel facts. In my last post I referenced a study by Pew Research … Continue reading

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Why subjectivism fails

We’ve been talking about whether the foundation of morals are objective or subjective. We theists appeal to an objective standard, an overarching conscience, if you will, that inherently guides all healthy human beings. Naturalist and Materialists believe that morals come … Continue reading

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Where do you get your standard of morality?

I shared a clip last time from a really smart and well-educated scientist who was an atheist and became a Christian (Francis Collins). And part of the reason for his conversion came from the writings of another really smart and … Continue reading

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The sticky thing about right and wrong

One does not need to see the horrific scenes of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to be reminded that the world is not as it should be. It’s far more subtle. It’s ubiquitous yet unseen, tragic yet strangely expected…it’s so…self-reflective. … Continue reading

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How can we know God?

In The Naturalist’s Dilemma, I used a video of C.S. Lewis’s famous 1961 article, “Finding Shakespeare” to explain the problem we have with trying to find God in this world. In other words, how would Hamlet find Shakespeare since he … Continue reading

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The Naturalist’s dilemma

The inherent problem a Naturalist has is that they cannot escape their own paradigm—the closed universe of natural laws and scientific method. This is the legacy of Western Enlightenment thinking, which is technically called Metaphysical Naturalism. An Enlightenment philosopher who … Continue reading

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