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Just who do you see in the mirror?

I’ve always loved this picture. It’s usually used to convince us we need to have a better image of ourselves. But what if we’re not to have a better image, but an altogether different image of ourselves? If you’ve given your … Continue reading

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A generation losing their religion

I was reading an article yesterday called, “Losing Faith: 21 Percent Say ‘Religion Not That Important.” Apparently, America is losing her religion. In the article they mention that this apathy toward organized religion is steadily rising. This made me think about the countless … Continue reading

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East and West | Jonathan David Helser

East went lookin’ for West And never found him Guilt went lookin’ for my past But only found love I heard about a sea where Sin sinks like stones There’s no floor There’s just mercy down below 

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What does real freedom look like?

In my last post we looked at where we find real freedom. The question here is, what does that freedom look like? Before we begin, you need to know that you are free, no matter what you may think about it–no matter what your … Continue reading

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Why do we have such a problem with freedom?

Why are Christians so worried about actually being free?  This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever pondered. We seem determined to live bound… by religious rules, by behavior modification…instead of by the freedom of the Spirit. I remember getting saved and freed from my sinful prodigal … Continue reading

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Thoughts about humility

“Oh, it’s not me, it’s all Jesus….I’m nothing…I’m just a worm in His sight… just a dirty old sinner saved by grace.” Does this self-effacing posture sound like humility to you? Do you embrace a “worthless worm” theology about who you are? After all, isn’t our … Continue reading

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Quotes: Robert Farrar Capon

“Christianity is not a religion; it is the announcement of the end of religion.” “I think good preachers should be like bad kids. They ought to be naughty enough to tiptoe up on dozing congregations, steal their bottles of religion … Continue reading

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Dealing with my own distortions…

In my last post (“Dealing with our distortions of God”), I attempted to lay a foundation about our distorted view of God and how that effects our relationship with Him and how we see ourselves and others. Now, I would like to  share what … Continue reading

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What is Grace to you?

What is your definition of grace? Here are some thoughts on grace to ponder… “If grace is only unmerited favor, then Jesus never had any.” – Graham Cooke Yet, the grace of God was upon Jesus….Luke 2:40 Jesus was full of … Continue reading

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You were meant to fly | Jonathan David Helser

Beloved, you were meant to fly! You’re not an earthbound turkey; you’re a heavenly eagle. Stop believing lies and bad theology that tells you a different story. God designed you to soar into the heavenly realms with Him. You were meant to live from … Continue reading

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