John Crowder on Hyper-Grace

Hyper-GraceI will be traveling this week to attend a leadership summit to discuss the new grace movement that seems to have quickly come front and center as the hot topic in the body of Christ today.

At least in Charismatic circles, this grace message has been given derogatory names like “Hyper-Grace,” a modern form of Continue reading

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It’s about life with Father

Father_Son_togetherI believe we’ve been mislabeling the parable about the father and his two sons for centuries (See Luke 15:11-32). Our Bibles usually call it the parable of the lost son (or the prodigal son). Of course, these titles in our Bible are not inspired Scripture and, in this case, neither is really what the story is ultimately about.

This parable is about the father. We only view from the lost son’s perspective because we see it through our orphan-hearted lens. Continue reading

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He’s never giving up on you

Mel_Maureen_WAI will be away from the blogospheric world for several days. My lover and best friend and I are going away to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. Yay! After that, we will be heading out to a conference and will be gone until next Wednesday.

By the way, the picture is from one of our visits to see our sons who were all living in Washington at the time. Continue reading

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The spiritual orphan mindset

man_sunsetEvery once and a while I’ll turn my radio back on and expose myself to the theology of popular Christian music, only to be reminded again why I don’t listen to it. The other day was no exception.

To be fair, there are also many good songs being written. Continue reading

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Erase the grace-hate

Grace_Gal_221I believe one of the biggest reasons why we struggle with the message of God’s pure grace is because we’ve been conditioned to hate grace.

I agree with Jim McNeely (“The Romance of Grace“), we’re grace-haters at our core. Grace is foreign to us, which is why we need the Spirit of grace to change our stony hearts and make it like His. Continue reading

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Our ministry

ReconciledAs far as I can tell, our ministry in Christ is two-fold. It’s about identity and reconciliation.  And we cannot do the latter with the right heart without seeing the former.

Both have everything to do with connection–a life embraced, to embrace. Continue reading

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Not imitation but incarnation

ImitationoflifeThere’s a world of difference between imitation fruit and living fruit on a vine or tree. And there’s also a world of difference between what you think you should do for Christ and having Him live His life through you. One is imitation, the other is incarnation.

So, my question is, which of these describes your Christian walk? Continue reading

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