The problem with keeping God in our intellectual box

God_in_boxWhen we come to Christ we become supernatural beings. Our natural was placed inside Christ’s supernatural. In fact, according to Paul, acting like a “mere human” is worldly behavior (1 Cor.3:3).

We’re primarily a spirit being that lives in a body. The Bible refers to us as having a “spirit, soul, and body” (1 Thess.5:23), not the other way around.

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An inconvenient history for cessationism

???????????????In light of the controversy generated over John MacArthur’s recent polemic crusade against Charismatics and Pentecostals with His book and conference titled, “Strange Fire“, I think it might be instructive for us to look at whether this view is compatible with church history. I gave my take on the “Strange Fire” ordeal here and here so I won’t belabor that in this post.

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For the Cross | Brian & Jenn Johnson

On this Good Friday I am again dumbfounded by the outrageous love of God. Who would willingly leave His throne and do such a thing? Or this Father who would gladly bankrupt heaven, giving what was most precious to Him, so that He could be with us forever? So that He could call us His sons and daughters? What astounding love! What scandalous grace!

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Three wonderful truths about the Atonement

?????????Do we really understand the significance of the Atonement of Christ? Do we understand all the benefits of this great salvation?

There are three wonderful truths about the atoning work of Jesus Christ that I want to briefly look at here.

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Do you know where your mansion is?

????????As we approach Easter, I would like to talk about a popular sentiment in our Western evangelical imaginations.

And I will start with a question…

Is Jesus preparing you a mansion in glory for when you die and go to heaven? Or, was He referring to something else?

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Just love them

JustLoveThemBesides being beautiful, my wife, Maureen, is brilliant. She’s a great writer and I’ve been trying to coax her to write a few post here.

Right now, she’s up to her neck in kindergarteners and grade schoolers in an after-school art project, so I thought I would transcribe something she said about relationships and love during our worship service last Sunday that was particularly good. I’ve also included an audio recording here.

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Our misguided war on the world

MakingtheWorldBehaveI find it interesting how we want the world to behave, as if this is doing what Jesus did…or what His New Testament followers did, for that matter.

Here’s my question about this activity…how’s that working for us?
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