God with us: Jesus, Christ, God, Son, Savior

GodwithusI’m away for several days but wanted to share part of a post I wrote last January that pertains to my Christmas series, “God With Us.” You can read the original post in its entirety here. I will add a few things here.

Christianity created quite a controversy about the nature of God when it broke in on the world scene in the first century. Continue reading

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God with us: We are IN Christ!

GodwithusIn my last post I asked a hypothetical question about Christ’s incarnation. I want to first thank everyone who bravely responded here and those who pondered privately.

Today, I will share my thoughts on this interesting question in this continuation of my Christmas “God With Us” series.
Continue reading

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A question about the incarnation of Christ

GodwithusI have a multiple-part Christmas question for your consideration today. It’s purely hypothetical and in context with what I’ve talked about here.

What if Adam had never fallen? Would Christ still have come in the flesh? Why or why not? And what would that mean for us?

Let me know your (brief) thoughts. :)

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God with us: Shakespeare enters Hamlet’s world

Godwithus“When a Russian cosmonaut returned from space and reported that he had not found God, C. S. Lewis responded that this was like Hamlet going into the attic of his castle and looking for Shakespeare.” (Timothy Keller, “The Reason for God“)

But the truth is much more fantastic. Shakespeare has come to live in the middle of Hamlet’s dark and haunted world. Continue reading

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God with us: what Child is this?

GodwithusWhat child is this, who, laid to rest, On Mary’s lap is sleeping? Whom angels greet with anthems sweet, While shepherds watch are keeping? This is the question of the ages.

Last time, I introduced my subject, “God with us.” Today, I would like to take a peek behind the curtain and see just who is this child born on Christmas day. Continue reading

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God with us

GodwithusWhat does the phrase, “Emmanuel, God with us” mean to us?

During this time of year, we hear phrases like this so many times that it soon becomes like a nursery rhyme, a low droning in the background as we go about our Christmas holiday preparations. We sing about it, we celebrate it, but do we actually know what this means to us…and for us? Continue reading

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Pope Francis and the unity of the faith

I’m not a Roman Catholic, nor do I think Pope Francis is the antichrist (or Obama, or whoever your latest villain is). Let me start there.

This post continues the “unity of the faith” theme of my last post.

Previously, I had mentioned the 1999 agreement between Roman Catholics and Lutherans to repair the centuries-old rift Continue reading

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