YOU are heaven touching earth

HeavenTouchingEarthDid you ever think that you are heaven touching earth? Jesus seems to think so. He placed us in heavenly places with Him (Eph.2:6), and He’s in heaven. Yet, you live right here on the earth.

So…are we in heaven or on the earth? The answer, of course, is yes. Continue reading

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Pruning causes Kingdom growth

GrowthAll living things need pruning. Otherwise, they end up looking like the bush on the side of my house. All snarled up and unproductive.

Maureen and I were talking about how so much of what we thought we knew about our life in Christ has been turned on its evangelical head over the last few years. It’s like everything we’ve known for decades has been taken apart, redefined and reshaped. it’s almost seems like we’re starting over.

But then I realized, we weren’t actually starting over, we’d been pruned. Continue reading

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God is revealing our true colors

Fall_2014_4Recently someone pointed out something about autumn leaves that made me think about what God is doing in this hour.

I live in an area that is absolutely beautiful in the autumn. Besides our many rivers, hills, and majestic soaring bald eagles, the leaves turn brilliant colors of red, orange, and yellow.  Continue reading

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See the “Sons of God” movie

Sons_of_God_MovieI would like to make you aware of a new movie documentary by Dutch filmmaker, Immanuel Hazeleger (Dutchquest). I highly recommend you watch it, share with others and support the ministry if you can. If you were encouraged by Darren Wilson’s latest film, “Holy Ghost” (Wanderlust) this one will do the same.

I hadn’t heard of it before but got a chance to see it at a friend’s house when I was in the Twin Cities last week (thanks Clem!). Continue reading

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Grace enables you to grow up into who you already are

BecomingWholeLike many things in the Kingdom, our life in Christ is paradoxical. We’re already complete in Him, yet we’re growing up into Him (Eph.4:13, 15). Both are equally true.

And grace transports us from where we are experientially to who we already are in reality. Continue reading

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John Crowder on Hyper-Grace

Hyper-GraceI will be traveling this week to attend a leadership summit to discuss the new grace movement that seems to have quickly come front and center as the hot topic in the body of Christ today.

At least in Charismatic circles, this grace message has been given derogatory names like “Hyper-Grace,” a modern form of Continue reading

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It’s about life with Father

Father_Son_togetherI believe we’ve been mislabeling the parable about the father and his two sons for centuries (See Luke 15:11-32). Our Bibles usually call it the parable of the lost son (or the prodigal son). Of course, these titles in our Bible are not inspired Scripture and, in this case, neither is really what the story is ultimately about.

This parable is about the father. We only view from the lost son’s perspective because we see it through our orphan-hearted lens. Continue reading

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