Taking care of Father’s house

Fathers_houseToday, I want to go in a different direction but I assure you it’s very relevant to this blog. I want to talk about the physical aspect of our Father’s house.

Of course, I’m talking about your body. For you are Father’s house–His dwelling place, His home and temple on this earth (John 14:23; 1 Cor.3:16; 6:19; Heb.3:6). When you first believed, He came to dwell in your house–to find a resting place in you.

So it should follow that we take good care of His house. The first priority is in spirit, then our soul, but also our body. Continue reading

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BelovedOur relationship with Christ should be seen like a marriage between two people who are deeply in love with each other.  It was not born in a cold court room and it’s not based on a prenuptial contract.

For they didn’t fall in love based on a legal agreement. Yet, so many of God’s beloved live like this is so. Continue reading

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True confession

True_ConfessionLast time I talked about the fallacy of the popular idea of keeping short accounts with God through the continual confession or our sins.

Actually, there are things we do confess as believers, but ongoing confession for sins we may commit now or in the future is not one of them. Continue reading

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Keeping short accounts with God?

Draw_nearOne of the goals of my blog is to remove needless barriers between us and the Father’s love. And, ironically, one of those barriers is this idea that we have to keep short accounts with God.

We’ve probably all heard this. I used to teach it. But what is this actually saying about how we see our relationship with God? Continue reading

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GratitudeLast month marked my first year blogging on WordPress. I started this blog because I had been pondering writing a book and needed a venue to process my thoughts about the transformation that took place in me from the deep encounters I’ve had with the Father’s love. Also, to talk about the shift I see taking place in the body of Christ. Continue reading

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Getting off the hamster wheel for a life in Christ

PerformanceChristianityI want to continue where I left off in my previous post. I had shown that we no longer have a sin nature but we still have to contend with what the Bible calls the flesh.

Quick review–the flesh, in this context, is not our physical body but about how we default to meeting our own needs apart from Christ. Continue reading

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Have you been to your own funeral?

Knowing_thisOne thing funerals do is bring closure. When we see the body in the casket, we know for certain we’re not going to see them again on the street somewhere. This is why it’s important for families to recover the body of missing loved ones. They can stop wondering what happened and go on with their lives.

Likewise, as it’s been said, we, as believers, need to attend our own funeral so we can have closure.  Continue reading

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