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Buzz Aldrin, walking in space, and crucifying the flesh

What can Buzz Aldrin teach us about walking in the Spirit?  Perhaps, a lot. I recently watched a NASA documentary about how this astronaut first proved that man could work in the environment of space. It was the 1966 Gemini 12 mission. Three previous … Continue reading

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Quotes: on faith

Faith is simply taking God at His word without reservation. It’s the acceptance of God’s “facts” in spite of what we see with our eyes, our present circumstances, or our past experience. Faith is a lifestyle and mindset that lives from heaven … Continue reading

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Basic math for freedom in Christ

It all comes down to a simple math problem. As Watchman Nee so succinctly stated, it’s the only thing that we humans can do perfectly. It goes like this. You were nailed to the cross with Christ so you’re dead. You were … Continue reading

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