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The trajectory of hate

Why would make Antifa and BLM thugs believe that harassing and violently attacking innocent families with children, even elderly, shoving them to the ground (child on left in picture was crushed under protective man with flag when BLM woman charged … Continue reading

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Christianity: The Founding Murder in Reverse

I talked about what René Girard calls the “scapegoat mechanism” that’s alive and well in human beings last time. This insidious desire is at the bottom of what poisons everything. This time I would like to look at what he … Continue reading

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Wisdom Through the Grace of God — Susan Irene Fox

Susan Irene Fox posted this video a few days ago. This is the kind of leadership message we need for our hurting nation right now. And please check out Susan’s blog, if you haven’t already done so. She writes some wonderful poetry and has great insights … Continue reading

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What if we just forgave?

As I watch the current escalation of violence between the police and the protesters here in the U.S., I’m reminded again what our culture continually feeds on—blame-shifting and scapegoating (villainizing). We all want grace for ourselves but anyone who hurts us … Continue reading

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We have the keys to the kingdom

Pondering the seemingly endless stream of horrific events like the recent Orlando shooting can certainly drive us into despair over what our culture has become. Are we, as a society, doomed to sink into some fear-driven apocalyptic morass of helpless victims, haters, and sociopaths?

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How Constantine changed Christianity

I would like to continue where I left off with my last post about how Jesus’ subversive teachings challenge our “normal.” This time, I would like to look at where some of this disconnect comes from. To help with this effort, I’ve included … Continue reading

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Jesus’ teachings we don’t really believe

It’s interesting to me how much we love Jesus but don’t really want to do what He taught. Oh, we try to obey our favorite verses, but truth be told, some of Jesus’ teachings are so subversive that they’re embarrassing to us. … Continue reading

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