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Breaking Chains

I’ve been talking about the insidiously evil nature of Identity Politics and Critical Theories, and how these neo-Marxist offshoots are destroying our culture and nation. Seeing us go down this dystopian slippery-slope is a bit depressing, so I thought I … Continue reading

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Not what you know but WHO you know

Eternal life is not about a place, it’s about a Person. It’s not about what you know but Who you know. It’s not based on believing the right things, although believing them is important, it’s about experientially knowing God as … Continue reading

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Sonshift Study – Chapter Ten

This is the last chapter of my book, Sonshift: Everything Changes in the Father’s Embrace and the last week of our discussion. This chapter is called “Relation Shift.” I invite you to respond to some or all of these questions. Also, please give … Continue reading

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Azusa Now this Saturday!

UPDATE (04/11/16): If you missed this event, you can watch archived videos here. Also, here is a Revival Chat with Bill Johnson and Lou Engle about Azusa Now. I want to make you aware of a significant event that is happening … Continue reading

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Growing up in the knowledge of the Lord

How do we grow up in the knowledge of the Lord? I heard this question at a conference I attended this week. We tend to think of this as gaining more information, studying the Bible more, having more spiritual authority. But … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like labels

We like to categorize and put labels on things. This isn’t bad, per se. Categorizing can help us make sense of things. But when we do so to dismiss or even demonize our brethren in Christ, that’s quite another thing. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and the unity of the faith

I’m not a Roman Catholic, nor do I think Pope Francis is the antichrist (or Obama, or whoever your latest villain is). Let me start there. This post continues the “unity of the faith” theme of my last post. Previously, … Continue reading

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Our Catholic faith and the end of Protestantism

Now that I have your attention, no, I’m not a Roman Catholic, nor am I arguing that we should all become one. But I do belong to the holy Catholic faith, and so do you (Catholic means “universal”). Okay, so … Continue reading

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Oswald Chambers on our perverse need to be right

“It takes God a long time to get us to stop thinking that unless everyone sees things exactly as we do, they must be wrong. That is never God’s view.” ~ Oswald Chambers

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Quote: “React or Respond”

I want say some things here and re-post something from Bill Johnson’s blog because it brings up something that really annoys me in “Churchianity” today. The idea that Christianity is promoted by what we’re against instead of what we are for.  And that … Continue reading

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