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Everything starts from rest

God’s days start in the evening: “So the evening and the morning were the first day.” (Gen.1:5) The Jewish Sabbath starts on Friday evening, when all the duties of the day are finished. God starts everything He does from a … Continue reading

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Get used to different

I’m borrowing a great line from the movie , “The Chosen” for the title of this post because it totally fits the time we’re living in. Many leaders have said that Jesus wants a different church on the other end … Continue reading

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Removing the veil

The “veil” is our vain imaginations that keep us separated from God. It blinds us from seeing Him and seeing ourselves rightly in Him. It’s the religious construct we’ve invented that keeps us on its hamster wheel, trying to attain … Continue reading

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The heart and the veil

I’ve shared many times before that our heart is the gate keeper to all revelation from God. Spiritual truth is heart language, not head language. When our heart is open, we grow in understanding and are able to walk in … Continue reading

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Experiential knowing is believing

Experiential knowledge is much better than second-hand knowledge. A person who has life experience in a particular job skill has much better knowledge and confidence than someone who only went to school. I’ve already talked about how apologists often use … Continue reading

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Being at home with God…and He with us

Did you know that from the very beginning God has been looking for a place where He can be at home–a place of rest? To be “at home” means you can let your hair down, kick off your shoes, flop down on the couch, lay … Continue reading

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