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How do we relate to the Ten Commandments?

My wife and I saw this meme on a billboard while we were traveling yesterday and it got us to talking about how we, as followers of Christ, relate to the Ten Commandments. This particular meme was originally push-back to … Continue reading

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Which side of the Cross are you living on?

You can tell when Christians are living on the wrong side of the Cross by their language. “God, will You forgive me?” “I’m just a sinner saved by grace…” “My heart is deceitfully wicked…” “After all, I’m only human” “God is angry with me” “I have … Continue reading

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Dealing with my own distortions…

In my last post (“Dealing with our distortions of God”), I attempted to lay a foundation about our distorted view of God and how that effects our relationship with Him and how we see ourselves and others. Now, I would like to  share what … Continue reading

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