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Riots to Revival!

There’s an old Chinese curse that says, may you live in interesting times. We certainly have that in 2020! We’ve witnessed a total economic shutdown, cultural upheavals, our cities literally burning down, anarchy and violence in the streets, all in … Continue reading

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Black lives DO matter…and the BLM organization is dangerous

Okay, I’m going to delve again into this heated but critically important issue facing us today, which is summed up with the statement, “black lives matter,” by posting a short video by Dr. Michael Brown. I’m departing from my normal … Continue reading

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What if…

I have a continual dream…it’s a dream for myself, the local church I pastor, and for the body of Christ in general. Here are some random thoughts rolling around in my head right now… What if we actually decided to start believing God and everything … Continue reading

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