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Why didn’t Jesus get it?

Here’s an irony of all ironies. Jesus was killed by the people who were waiting for Him to come and save. They killed Him because He didn’t look or act like the Messiah of their theology. And since He didn’t … Continue reading

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You are NOT a “caterpillar” saved by grace!

You are not a “caterpillar” saved by grace; you are a new creation…a “butterfly” in Christ! It’s popular in evangelical Christianity to call ourselves “sinners saved by grace.” While we may still commit sins, the Bible only identifies us as … Continue reading

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How Jesus takes away our sin

When John the Baptist said of Jesus, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world” (John 1:29), in what way should we look at this wonderful declaration? Of course, we must first see that it’s Jesus … Continue reading

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Why our truncated view of salvation leads to poor evangelism

Salvation is both a destination and a journey. It is both instantaneous and ongoing. Yet, many Christians only see it as the former. To be clear, we’re saved by grace through faith. You are saved the moment you believe. 

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The incarnation of Christ – Part Three

When we start our salvation message with Adam’s sin and the cross, we miss God’s eternal purpose for mankind–our adoption and communion with Him as sons and daughters. We looked at this in part two. But how can we humans … Continue reading

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The incarnation of Christ – Part One

Is Christmas important to the gospel message? More to the point, can we even understand the gospel message apart from the incarnation of Christ? When we start with Christ’s death, do we end up missing the whole point of His birth?  After … Continue reading

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Thoughts about fear and love

I was watching a video by Bruce Wauchope after Lance Floyd had mentioned him in one of his inspired blog posts titled, “Religious Inspired Amygdala.” What both Bruce and Lance had said got me to thinking about how religion is inspired from … Continue reading

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Is the Cross about a courtroom trial or a family reunion?

I’ve written about the atonement several times on this blog over the last year, mostly refuting the main points of Penal Substitutionary Atonement (PSA). Whenever I do this, I can feel the suspicious looks some of you give me. Some of you may be wondering … Continue reading

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