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God’s glory revealed in a Dallas courtroom

I don’t usually talk about current events but what happened last week was so remarkable that we shouldn’t let its lesson to us slip into the past so easily. Brandt Jean’s embrace of his brother’s killer, former Dallas police officer, … Continue reading

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The sin of the world

Just what is the “sin of the world” that the Lamb of God takes away? (John 1:29) And how is this related to the sins we commit? These are two questions worth pondering. In “Our Father is not Molech,” I gave two contemporary … Continue reading

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Are anger and wrath attributes of God? Part two

We’ve been faithfully questioning our assumptions about the anger and wrath of God. Last time, I made the point that they should not be considered attributes because God does not eternally express these emotions within the Godhead. (If you have not read part one, … Continue reading

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Is God strictly just or is He equitable?

Is God strictly just or is He equitable? Does it matter? This is a 1,000 year old debate between the Eastern and Western churches. In the West, we say God is strictly just so He must punish sin in order to … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible like Jesus | Derek Flood

I’m reading a book by Derek Flood titled, Disarming Scripture–Cherry Picking Liberals, Violence-Loving Conservatives, and Why We All Need to Learn to Read the Bible Like Jesus Did. That’s quite a title for quite a book! According to Flood, “Cherry-picking … Continue reading

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