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No longer slaves

Did you ever have a “splinter in your mind” about something that you see but can’t quite explain with any satisfaction? To borrow some Morpheus (Matrix) language… What I know I can’t explain, but I feel it. I’ve felt it for a long time… I don’t know … Continue reading

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God as Father means relationship

God is, first and foremost, about relationship. When we say that God is a Father, we’re talking about understanding the essence of God’s being in the context of relationship. And when we say “Father” it implies that He’s a family … Continue reading

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Letting go

There’s nothing that restores the soul more than letting go. God’s will for us is to have a successful journey through life—fulfilling our purpose and calling, living a life of wholeness, uncorrupted, and full of Him!

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Becoming a powerful “you”

What does it take to have sustainable and healthy relationships? With God? With others? Today marks the 33rd anniversary of my marriage to the love of my life, Maureen.

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