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Religion vs. following Jesus

Religion is about us inviting God into our life; following Jesus is about Him inviting us into His life. I don’t believe in religion.

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Why we should meditate on these things

Why is it that we prefer bad news to good news? (If you doubt this, just watch the news!) Why do we tend to think the worst of people when we hear a tale instead of thinking the best of … Continue reading

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Help me let you go

There’s a new United Pursuit album coming out this week titled “Tell All My Friends,” and if the song “Let You Go” is any indication, it should be a good one. I love the soulful spiritual genre of the song, but even more, I … Continue reading

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Romance, heroism…and glory!

One of the many things my wife, Maureen, has helped me to understand is the value of love stories and romance. Over the last 37 years I’ve known her, I’ve seen dozens of “chick flicks.” I’ve also had advanced classical training in … Continue reading

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The incarnation of Christ – Part Two

When we start with Christ’s death, do we end up missing the whole point of His birth? I asked that question in part one, where we started looking at the incarnation of Christ. To order to understand Jesus’ birth, we must first lay … Continue reading

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No longer slaves

Did you ever have a “splinter in your mind” about something that you see but can’t quite explain with any satisfaction? To borrow some Morpheus (Matrix) language… What I know I can’t explain, but I feel it. I’ve felt it for a long time… I don’t know … Continue reading

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God as Father means relationship

God is, first and foremost, about relationship. When we say that God is a Father, we’re talking about understanding the essence of God’s being in the context of relationship. And when we say “Father” it implies that He’s a family … Continue reading

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