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Rebuilding our cities in the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse

What will the church look like as it rises from the ashes of the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse? Are we living in the dawning of a new day? Is it a time for us to rebuild our ruined “cities” (called local churches) on a new platform of the … Continue reading

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Pruning causes Kingdom growth

All living things need pruning. Otherwise, they end up looking like the bush on the side of my house. All snarled up and unproductive. Maureen and I were talking about how so much of what we thought we knew about … Continue reading

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New songs topple old mindsets

I was at a conference recently where Ray Hughes said that God raises up songwriters to give us new songs that topple old religious mindsets. This is true for every fresh move of God. I think we’re starting to see … Continue reading

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Where is our home?

I would like to continue looking at what it means to be home. Which leads me to the question, where is our home? And are we “there” now? And, with all due respect to Billy Graham (he deserves a lot!), what should … Continue reading

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Eight (good) signs of a “hyper-grace” church

Paul Ellis gives a brilliant treatment and rebuttal on his blog (“Escape to Reality“) to a recent article in Charisma Magazine titled, “8 Signs of ‘Hypergrace’ Churches” by Joseph Mattera (Thank you Ben Kilen for the re-blog). Ellis gives his own eight signs of … Continue reading

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Quote: Unhealthy Extremes On the Right and the Left of Grace

Originally posted on Beyond the Map:
The Grace Revolution There is rapidly occurring across the earth, a division between Law teaching and Grace teaching.  God Himself is doing it.  Some of those who still preach a mixture of Law and…

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Message for 2014 — “Quit your job!” | Lance Wallnau

Beloved, this is a prophetic message for the Body of Christ that we really need to hear in this hour. Especially when it comes to our lack of faith for our provision to do His work in the Kingdom. Rather than it being … Continue reading

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Quotes: Robert Farrar Capon

“Christianity is not a religion; it is the announcement of the end of religion.” “I think good preachers should be like bad kids. They ought to be naughty enough to tiptoe up on dozing congregations, steal their bottles of religion … Continue reading

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Three Reformations

ref·or·ma·tion  noun. The act of reforming or the state of being reformed. re-form’  verb.  “To put or change into an improved form or condition. The Kingdom of God is always advancing; therefore, our understanding of God’s changeless Word is always … Continue reading

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