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So, where’s your hope?

A great scientist died last week. Of course, I’m talking about Steven Hawking. When I saw this quote going around the Internet, I was thinking about all the things this remarkable man had to overcome with MND, and all the … Continue reading

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Christ, the Passover Lamb (Part Two)

We’ve been looking at how Jesus is the Passover Lamb. In part one, I showed the connection between Israel’s deliverance from their slavery in Egypt and our freedom from sin in Christ. Today, we’ll look at how we might understand Jesus as our ransom … Continue reading

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The beauty of God’s Rose among our thorns

I thought I would try my hand at writing some contrasting rhymes that sum up my thoughts about what the cross means to me. As you read it, some of your assumptions may be challenged about the atonement, but my hope is that … Continue reading

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Cross paradigm

Paradigms are funny things. We all have one, and it colors how we understand everything. How we interpret life…each other…God.  Because of paradigms, we often don’t see things that are right in front of us. Let’s talk about our cross paradigm.  How are … Continue reading

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NOTHING can separate us from the love of God

What can separate us from God’s love? Paul seemed to think, nothing. But why do we ever think otherwise? I want to share another audio clip today. It’s a moving testimony from a woman at our church who is living … Continue reading

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Three wonderful truths about the Atonement

Do we really understand the significance of the Atonement of Christ? Do we understand all the benefits of this great salvation? There are three wonderful truths about the atoning work of Jesus Christ that I want to briefly look at here.

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Dealing with our Jurassic Park notions about God

Was Jesus just the sacrificial goat tied to a stake so a tyrannosaurus-like God would be appeased? In other words, is our view of the atonement more like the goat scene from Jurassic Park rather than one of redemption and love? Sound absurd? It should. … Continue reading

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