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He’s in the waiting

I want to share an intimate time of worship, healing, and hope at our church a couple weeks ago. This is one of the things I love about corporate gatherings. You’re in this space together with your brothers and sisters and the anticipation is electric. The … Continue reading

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Finding our life in prayer

I’ve been reading some books by Sadhu Sundar Singh, an Indian Christian missionary. If you haven’t heard of him before, Singh was born into a Sikh family in the village of Rampur Kataania, Ludhiana (Punjab state) in northern India.  According to … Continue reading

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A Father’s Blessing

The following was written by a pastor from Madison, Wisconsin, who went with some of the ladies from our church family on a recent mission trip to Belize. Deb Anderson, who is from our church, spoke this blessing over us a few Sundays ago. … Continue reading

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You don’t come as easy as some (Reprise)

I‘m travelling this week so I thought I would re-post something I wrote in October 2013. This is an appropriate beginning of our third week to our 40-day fast from fear as we head toward Easter. I hope you are edified and encouraged to … Continue reading

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Are we still praying to intermediaries?

This thought occurred to me the other day. I don’t mean to offend and I apologize up front if I do. I simply want us all to consider something. I also don’t think I’m making too fine a point by asking. … Continue reading

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“I know You don’t come as easy as some”

Why does it seem that God is so hard to find? We have a heart to seek Him. We want to know Him and have a fulfilling relationship with Him. But it seems He hides from us. But does He? You’ve probably … Continue reading

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