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Jordan Peterson: the problem with atheist’s explanation of morality

Jordan Peterson has been a voice of clarity in a culture adrift in the morass of nihilistic subjectivism and identity confusion. In the following video clip he gives us a very informed and concise reason for the problem he has … Continue reading

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Can philosophy help science and theology?

I’ve talked a lot about the perceived conflict between science and theology before. I say perceived because, as David Bentley Hart put it, the conflict is not because of empirical discoveries but because of cultural presuppositions. And it’s philosophy that … Continue reading

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An evolutionary argument against Naturalism

In our continuing dialogue about science and faith, I’ve made the point that science seeks to explain the “how” questions, while philosophy and religion seeks to answer the “why” questions. Last time we looked at the difference between actual science … Continue reading

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Natural theology and atheistic confusion

This post is a continuation of my series that I will simply refer to as: “Having fun with atheists and skeptics.” The purpose for doing these posts is to expose “strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.” And … Continue reading

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