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Going beyond our fishbowl

I’ve been working on writing a new book and thinking a lot about our paradigms lately. Paradigms are funny things. We all have one and they color how we understand everything. How we interpret life…each other…God. It’s the fishbowl we’ve … Continue reading

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Testing, testing…

I’ve been lobbing some “softball” (non-controversial) posts lately and, being a trailblazer at heart, I have a need to throw us into the deeper end of the pool for some adventuresome theological dialogue. (How’s that for a mixed bag of metaphors!) But tumbling down this rabbit hole into

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A New Year’s devotion

What if we all arbitrarily decided to operate from the paradigm of love instead of fear in 2016? What would that look like? What would immediately change? In our relationships, our marriages, our churches, our workplace, our politics, our foreign policy…our world in … Continue reading

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Missing the mark

In modern Christianity, we tend to look at sin as a violation—breaking a list of God’s rules that requires punishment. While this view is not necessarily wrong, especially under the Law, it still “misses the mark,” if you will, because it prevents us … Continue reading

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Cross paradigm

Paradigms are funny things. We all have one, and it colors how we understand everything. How we interpret life…each other…God.  Because of paradigms, we often don’t see things that are right in front of us. Let’s talk about our cross paradigm.  How are … Continue reading

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