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Love is all that will remain

Our learning how to be loved by God and loving others with His love is the only thing we’ll ever do that will last in the end. All our other life pursuits will ultimately be found to be insignificant by … Continue reading

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Grace, bad behavior, and other-centered love

Our growing up into Christ—going from glory to glory, if you will—is never a clear and straightforward path. It’s often full of uncertainties and dangerous twists and turns. But like any mountain climb to majestic heights, the result is worth the risk as long as you’re careful along the way. In … Continue reading

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Other-centered love is based in self-love

I brought up the paradox of individually being members of one another last time. Here’s another paradox that goes along with that: other-centered love is based in self-love. I was asked a question about this at our Men’s Bible group that I think makes for a good … Continue reading

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