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The life that everyone is looking for

Whether they know it or not, everyone is looking for what we have in Christ…and they might even find it through us…if we would just find it for ourselves. I want to continue where I left off last time on … Continue reading

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We won’t find peace dancing at the Door

I want to share some things I’ve been pondering lately about how our relationship with the Father is critical to living the overcoming life we were meant to live. We had Jonathan and Amy Claussen, founders of Family Restoration Project, … Continue reading

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Why we should leave “Left Behind” behind

Okay, I’ve sat on this post for about a month now since the Nicolas Cage movie, “Left Behind” came out. Although it’s not my intent to offend, I know I do run that risk with some of you. You are … Continue reading

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God is revealing our true colors

Recently someone pointed out something about autumn leaves that made me think about what God is doing in this hour. I live in an area that is absolutely beautiful in the autumn. Besides our many rivers, hills, and majestic soaring … Continue reading

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John Crowder on Hyper-Grace

I will be traveling this week to attend a leadership summit to discuss the new grace movement that seems to have quickly come front and center as the hot topic in the body of Christ today. At least in Charismatic … Continue reading

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The spiritual orphan mindset

Every once and a while I’ll turn my radio back on and expose myself to the theology of popular Christian music, only to be reminded again why I don’t listen to it. The other day was no exception. To be … Continue reading

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Not imitation but incarnation

There’s a world of difference between imitation fruit and living fruit on a vine or tree. And there’s also a world of difference between what you think you should do for Christ and having Him live His life through you. … Continue reading

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Our problem with correction

I was reading Tami’s (Lessons by Heart) post “Meanwhile…” and it made me think about the nature of correction and discipline in the Church. And how we view correction in light of our freedom in Christ and unconditional love of … Continue reading

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You want…more??? What!!!

What happens when a child of God realizes the truth that they’re not a dirty sinner anymore? That they’re not orphaned, that they’re holy, blameless and have been included in the eternal fellowship between the Father and the Son in … Continue reading

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Our response to the echoing sound of heaven

I believe that we’re in a time when heaven is releasing a fresh echoing sound, like a sonar beacon. And God is asking, who will respond? Before I go further, a little biblical background.

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