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The epic battle over our affections

I’ve said many times here that the heart is the gatekeeper to everything we will receive from God. It’s the rudder that determines the course of our life (Prov.4:23). It’s with the heart that we believe (Rom.10:10). But I also … Continue reading

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No longer orphans

There has never been one moment in time when Gentiles (non-Jews) have been under the Law of Moses. That was a covenant between God and Israel. No Gentile was expected to follow the Mosaic covenant, even when it was in … Continue reading

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Why Jesus? Part One

“Jesus was not born just to die; He was born to give life. He wasn’t brought up to be the ultimate temple sacrifice. God doesn’t do human sacrifice; He’s not Molech. God is, and always has been, a good Father.” I said this in … Continue reading

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Sonshift study – Chapter One

I’m starting the discussion on my book, Sonshift: Everything Changes in the Father’s Embrace” today. We’ll be looking at chapter one titled, “What is Sonshift?” Here’s what I would like to do. Each week (usually Monday), I will give a brief … Continue reading

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Leaving religion to follow Christ – Part four

When Jesus told the people of Galilee to “repent” (change your mindset) for the kingdom of God is here (Mark 1:15), He was talking to people who already obeyed the Law, so He wasn’t telling them to start behaving themselves. He was … Continue reading

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Leaving religion to follow Christ – Part one

I mentioned in “The dynamic flow of the Trinitarian life” that we cannot bring our dualistic “good and evil” knowledge with us when we come to God. We must leave that Tree behind and learn to eat from the Tree of Life, letting go of our … Continue reading

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What does God really want? – Part One

What does God really want from us? Obedience? Yes, but in what sense? Reverential fear? Again, what’s that supposed to look like? Worship? Trust? Over the years, it seems to me that many devoted Christians tend to view their relationship … Continue reading

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His love changes everything

As we live our lives, it’s easy to forget where we’ve come from and how far we’ve come. It’s also easy for me to forget to let you know the context from where my writing comes from…so here goes. Before I personally encountered … Continue reading

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Seeing God through our decoder glasses

You probably remember in the first National Treasure movie where Benjamin Gates (Nicolas Cage) uncovers hidden clues on the back of the Declaration of Independence by looking through different colored lenses. This clever invention can tell us a lot about

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Are Sinners separated from God? Part two

Does God have an “outside?” This is what we’ll look at on this installment of my series based on the question, “Are sinners separated from God?” If you haven’t read my summary in part one, I suggest you do so before continuing on.

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