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The Trinitarian God – Part Two

It’s thought by some that the idea of a Trinitarian God is a Christian invention not found in Jewish thought. Nothing could be further from the truth, which we will look at here. In part one we looked at what … Continue reading

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How I understand the Old Testament

Much of this is a review of what I’ve written on the subject but will serve as an appropriate ending to this brief series, “Making Sense of the Old Testament,” by summarizing how I read the text. We’ll already seen … Continue reading

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Making sense of the Old Testament – Part Two

When we talk about Old Testament history, we must first understand two inherent problems with understanding history in general, and a third problem with biblical historical criticism in particular. The first problem is with the nature of ancient history itself. … Continue reading

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Making sense of the Old Testament – Part One

If we’re going to have a meaningful discussion about the Old Testament we must first go over how to understand it. For instance, superficially reading it as a flat woodenly literal textbook will give us a wrong view of what … Continue reading

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We become “foolish Galatians” when…

Are you a New Covenant Christian or do you have some mixture of both the Old Covenant and the New? And how can we tell the difference? As Andrew Farley would say, we are suckers for religion. We like the predictable confinement of … Continue reading

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Actually, this world is my home

“This world is not my home.” We like to write and sing songs about it.  A hearty “amen!” is elicited whenever these sentiments are shared. We can’t wait to leave it all and be with Jesus. It’s seen like some rite of passage into … Continue reading

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Why we really do need freedom from religion

I’m in a state in the U.S. that headquarters the Freedom from Religion Foundation. We both agree on needing freedom from religion, but for different reasons. The origin of the word “religion” is instructive. It comes from two Latin words (re-ligare) which … Continue reading

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