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What if you weren’t going to die tonight…

Imagine coming up to a suicide bomber and saying, “If you were to die tonight, do you know you would go to heaven?” He or she would most likely respond, “Yes, of course, why do you think I have these bombs strapped … Continue reading

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Actually, this world is my home

“This world is not my home.” We like to write and sing songs about it.  A hearty “amen!” is elicited whenever these sentiments are shared. We can’t wait to leave it all and be with Jesus. It’s seen like some rite of passage into … Continue reading

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Exuberant joy and laughter trumps crying for Jesus

Why does crying mean that God is touching hearts but laughter doesn’t? What’s wrong with this picture? The writer of Hebrews said that Jesus loved righteousness and hated evil and had “exultant joy and gladness” above and beyond His companions.” (Heb.1:9 AMP) And doesn’t it also say … Continue reading

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