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How do we relate to the Ten Commandments?

My wife and I saw this meme on a billboard while we were traveling yesterday and it got us to talking about how we, as followers of Christ, relate to the Ten Commandments. This particular meme was originally push-back to … Continue reading

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Resurrection power…living on the inside!

This new song by Chris Tomlin is a great reminder as we celebrate the Risen Christ.  Beloved of God, do you know what has happened to you because of Christ? You have resurrection power living on the inside! Not only … Continue reading

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You are NOT a “caterpillar” saved by grace!

You are not a “caterpillar” saved by grace; you are a new creation…a “butterfly” in Christ! It’s popular in evangelical Christianity to call ourselves “sinners saved by grace.” While we may still commit sins, the Bible only identifies us as … Continue reading

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Christ has received us into HIS life!

“The Gospel is not the news that we can receive Jesus Christ into our lives; the Gospel is the news that Jesus Christ has received us into His life!” (C. Baxter Kruger) Understanding this statement profoundly changes everything…our whole perspective and the very nature … Continue reading

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Rebuilding our cities in the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse

What will the church look like as it rises from the ashes of the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse? Are we living in the dawning of a new day? Is it a time for us to rebuild our ruined “cities” (called local churches) on a new platform of the … Continue reading

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Embracing grace and letting go of legalism

Legalism is insidious and deceptive. Some of the most legalistic people I know swear up and down they’re not legalistic. After all, who would actually admit such a thing? Why do we have such a hard time embracing grace and … Continue reading

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Jesus lived in two places at once…and so do you

When Jesus walked on the earth, He was also in heaven. His incarnation was the prototype, the inauguration of a completely new species of being, which we are in Christ. I’ve written a lot about the “Heaven on Earth” reality … Continue reading

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