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Leaving narcissistic Christianity to follow Christ

Before I begin, I’m not using “narcissistic” here to refer to the personality disorder, but to living according to an image instead of authentically. In Greek mythology, Narcissus was cursed by Echo, making him so obsessed with his own image … Continue reading

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Sonshift study – Chapter Three (part one)

This is the third installment of our discussion with my book, Sonshift: Everything Changes in the Father’s Embrace.” This week, we’ll start looking at chapter three titled, “Disciple Shift.” Since this chapter includes a wider range of topics I will cover it in two parts. Again, I … Continue reading

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Help me let you go

There’s a new United Pursuit album coming out this week titled “Tell All My Friends,” and if the song “Let You Go” is any indication, it should be a good one. I love the soulful spiritual genre of the song, but even more, I … Continue reading

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