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That you would know the unknowable!

I shared last time that a mystery in Scripture is something previously hidden that God wants to reveal to us. It’s not something you can never know; it’s something we were meant to progressively grow in—from glory to glory. Paul … Continue reading

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Understanding the mystery of your significance

Every human heart, whether knowingly or unknowingly, searches for significance and meaning to their life. But living a life of significance comes from a strong sense of identity and purpose, and identity and purpose comes from revelation, and revelation comes … Continue reading

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Why does God hide?

From time to time I get asked, why is God so mysterious? Why can’t He just come out with it? Why does He hide from us? Well, God doesn’t hide from us, He hides for us. Why is this so? … Continue reading

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Why we should embrace mystery

We evangelicals have not produced many mystics. The truth is, we don’t really like mystery; especially when it comes to our faith and God. Aren’t mystics those new-agers? We prefer everything figured out. After all, we have the Bible. Sola Scriptura…all the answers … Continue reading

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Immanuel, mystery, and the trajectory of glory

One thing we cannot afford to do is read the Bible as if Jesus never happened. This is especially true with the Old Testament. When we read the Bible indiscriminately, not interpreting it through the lens of Jesus Christ, we end up … Continue reading

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