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David Bentley Hart on Materialism and Naturalism

“Materialism is the philosophical view that the only thing that exists is matter; if anything else, such as mental events, exists, then it is reducible to matter. Naturalism is the system of thought holding that all phenomena can be explained in … Continue reading

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Why materialism won’t give us artificial consciousness

Okay, I’m clearly no expert in this field but my geek-oriented mind can read. Also, I believe the topic of consciousness can lend further understanding into our spiritual interactions with God, so it should be of some interest to us … Continue reading

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No Empiricist can be a Materialist

I’m posting this video clip as an addendum to my “Classical Arguments for God” series of posts because of some of the comments I’m getting. I’ve been accused of presenting false equivalencies and presenting “word games” with my logical arguments … Continue reading

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Pulling back the curtain on materialism

I personally believe that the real conflict is not actually between science and faith, but between materialism and idealism. For some background of these ontologies, I briefly talked about these two views in “Christ, the Cosmic Mind, and Consciousness.” Classically, … Continue reading

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Why materialism fails us

We’ve already looked at how evolutionary Naturalism gives us reason to doubt the reliability of human cognitive faculties to discover truth, And Naturalism’s close ontological cousin, Materialism, has also failed us. 

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Is Materialism dead?

Perhaps materialism—the belief that all that exists is matter and energy and the rearrangement of it—is only “merely dead” and not “really most sincerely dead,” as the Coroner of Oz would say, but its days do seem to be numbered. … Continue reading

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