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Dealing with our relational blind spots

One the biggest blind spots we humans seem to have is the ability to “do unto others as we would want done to us.” That’s what makes Jesus’ admonition so interesting. What we’ve called the golden rule, one of the … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Subversive Kingdom – Part Eight

If our discipleship methods don’t reach the whole person—spirit, soul, and body—it’s not discipleship according to Jesus. If we only train our brain without dealing with what’s going in our soul, we won’t experience the freedom Jesus came to give us. What’s so subversive about this is that

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The longevity of love

Maureen and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary this weekend. Yay! Because of that, and because I’m occupied with the final push on launching my book, I won’t be posting a lot in the next several days. Once my book is … Continue reading

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Grace goes both ways

The biggest problem we have with grace is that it goes both ways. What I mean is, we love receiving grace; we’re just not that big on giving grace. Of course, we don’t always see it that way. We want … Continue reading

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Just love them

Besides being beautiful, my wife, Maureen, is brilliant. She’s a great writer and I’ve been trying to coax her to write a few post here. Right now, she’s up to her neck in kindergarteners and grade schoolers in an after-school art … Continue reading

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Becoming a powerful “you”

What does it take to have sustainable and healthy relationships? With God? With others? Today marks the 33rd anniversary of my marriage to the love of my life, Maureen.

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Awaken my heart to first love

There’s something wonderful about awakening to our first love. I remember when my wife, Maureen, found some love letters that we had written to each other before we were married. They were written 35 years ago.

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