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Thoughts on predestination

There are some deeply entrenched beliefs, or assumptions, that people hold about about God that actually keeps them from Him or make them doubt His intentions and even demean His character. In this regard, I would like to share a … Continue reading

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A safe place in Daddy’s embrace

Here’s another brilliant message from my wife, Maureen. This is an audio recording from our time of worship on Father’s Day Sunday. To put what she said in context, the clip starts with the end of “The More I Seek … Continue reading

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Being a good father comes from the Father

As we come up to Father’s Day, I thought I would end the week by talking about what I’ve learned about being a good father. And this applies whether we’re talking about physical children or spiritual children. By the way, … Continue reading

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Everything you’re looking for is found in the Father’s love

I’ve been wanting my wife, Maureen, to write something brilliant for my blog (which all of her stuff is radical and brilliant), but she’s been busy with other projects, so I thought I would give you an example of what … Continue reading

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Nothing is impossible with You on my side!

I will end this week with a fun song from one of my favorite songwriters and worship leaders, Jonathan David Helser. It’s live and it’s wild! This is also a favorite worship song at our church. I love the theme. … Continue reading

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Just stay a little longer…

This post is a companion to my last post and the one before. It’s also a great excuse to play another song from the You Make Me Brave CD. ūüôā This one is written by Jenn Johnson and has been … Continue reading

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Transformation takes place in God’s embrace

In a meeting recently, one of our worship leaders shared how she had lived most of her Christian life trying to love God, but now is finally learning how to be loved by God. Because we’ve found that loving God … Continue reading

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Deconstructing our non-relational god (part two)

¬†“Religion is what you do when you don’t know you’re included.” –¬†C. Baxter Kruger For if we don’t know that God’s plan was to¬†place us inside the¬†Eternal Fellowship between the Father, Son and Spirit, we must invent something else. This … Continue reading

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Deconstructing our non-relational god (part one)

Have we made¬†a god in our¬†evangelical imaginations¬†so immovable, so self-sufficient, so¬†transcendent, so other…that He’s¬†unapproachable and unknowable to us? Have we made Him so lofty¬†that we’ve forgotten that we’re in Him?

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Obeying Jesus’ commandments

Just how do we obey Jesus? And, for that matter,¬†how¬†do we actually do what Jesus did? (W.W.J.A.D.) Secondly, what is the outcome of this obedience? I ask this because when you understand what I have to say, it will unlock … Continue reading

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